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Meet Anissa Brockopp, Successful Graduate from PTC's Early Childhood Education Program

Pickens Technical College has a thriving Early Childhood Education program plugged in with local educators and organizations. PTC has relationships with companies like Bright Horizons, a leading provider of early education and preschools in cities around the country, including right here in the Denver area.

Bright Horizons provides employer-sponsored childcare, backup childcare, educational advisory services, and other work/life solutions for those working with young children. Its schools employ skilled educators and administrators all focused on providing the best early childhood care and education for all their students.

PTC’s Early Childhood Education teaches educators like Anissa Brockopp more than how to avoid getting sick when dealing with runny noses and unwashed, tiny hands. Instructor Kim Goode teaches her students in the classroom and in PTC’s on-site, licensed childcare center, where they work directly with children. This course is unique as well because it works with the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, a national student organization, to help students find jobs and support their training.

Brockopp graduated from PTC’s Early Childhood Education program in 2015. She says her education at PTC “has helped me tremendously in my career as a lead teacher at Bright Horizons Early Learning Center… I came into the program thinking I wanted to be a teacher, but as time when on during the program, I knew teaching was for me.”

Goode works with her students to instill the attitude Brockopp took with her to Bright Horizons. Brockopp says Goode’s instruction energized her and helped develop a passion for teaching:

The program at Pickens gave me extensive knowledge about educating young children and it filled my heart with new energy and excitement. I knew then that my heart’s desire was to become a teacher. It gives me such joy to see children’s faces light up when they learn new things. It is just an amazing feeling knowing you are making a difference in a child’s life.

PTC’s ECE program provides transferable college credit to any participating community college in the state. Graduates like Brockopp can not only find employment with a local childcare facility run by Bright Horizons or other companies, but also study for the next phase in their education.

Brockopp thanks Goode and “the other educators at Pickens for my education and helping me build the confidence to go out and make a difference in the world.” She is now at work on her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and hopes to “continue making a positive difference in every child’s life I have the pleasure of teaching.”

If you think you want to be a teacher and work with young children, Goode and the ECE program at PTC can help foster that wish into a passion like Brockopp’s. The ECE program offers opportunities for careers and higher education after the course is complete. Students get not only excellent classroom instruction—good ol’ book-learning—but real experience with children. Students not only come out of the ECE program with the raw skills and experience to succeed, but with the attitude to change young lives positively as well.

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