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Opportunities for PTC Students at Orchard Park Healthcare Center

Pickens Technical College has connections with many local businesses in the community that are always looking for qualified, well-schooled, and experienced employees. One of the participants at a job fair at PTC last school year was Orchard Park Healthcare Center, a provider or rehabilitative services to people in need throughout Denver and Aurora. For the elderly and the disabled, Orchard Park has a staff of highly-trained physical therapy specialists, as well as nurses, aides, and assistants ready to deliver the best rehabilitation care possible.

Orchard Park hires compassionate, hardworking, and skilled individuals with the training and experience needed to work with other staff members and their patients. For entry-level positions, Pickens Technical College students graduating from the Practical Nursing program have the qualifications to apply.

In PTC’s Practical Nursing program, students learn the principles and skill of patient care in several specialized areas such as medical-surgical and geriatric nursing. Geriatric nursing has its own set of guidelines and principles that Orchard Park subscribes to in order to provide the best care for all of its elderly patients. At the completion of the Practical Nursing course, students get a certificate and become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing. This license enables students to find not only a job but a career in the healthcare industry at places like Orchard Park.

Orchard Park prides itself in providing compassionate, caring staff members to its patients. For a rehabilitative facility like Orchard Park, the staff is the lifeblood. Patients want to come back to receive care from staff members who are kind, pleasant, and deliver results. At Orchard Park, the staff and leaders look beyond medical capabilities, rehabilitation programs, and fancy technology to the overall effect that those great things have on their patients. Each patient is unique with their own unique story. Orchard Park works with families to determine a plan of care that works for everyone, allowing a personal touch and a personalized approach to each patient.

In the Practical Nursing program at PTC, students get experience working with patients in many different scenarios and have opportunities to learn from professionals already in the field to hone their skills and match their experience to real-world applications when they graduate. That’s why a place like Orchard Park, which prides itself on its staff and their ability to deliver caring, compassionate treatment to all of its patients, is interested in PTC graduates.

The versatility that most healthcare professionals need in their daily work and careers cannot be understated. In today’s healthcare industry, workers who can relate to their patients, are trained in several ways to treat them, and work with professionals from all other parts of the healthcare system, are highly valued. PTC makes sure that all its students in the Practical Nursing program get the training and the experience needed to succeed in whichever healthcare sector they go into. Orchard Park and facilities like it can always use skilled PTC graduates who love to care for others.

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