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Read What Our Students Have to Say About Us!

Pickens is a great place to go for career training. Come to work and learn. If you use the facility to it’s maximum potential, you can go far towards what you want.”

Automotive Technology Student

I love it here. It’s well organized and the price is right. There are many options of hours you can attend.

Esthetician Student

I like the fact my class is practically all hands-on. We learn how something is done, and then we get to go do it. You can also take pride in the work done in this class because you see the finished product that you yourself have created.

Construction Student

It’s a school where you can get career training in a lot of different fields, and it’s a good opportunity to get high school credit and a certificate.

Graphic Design Student

Our schedule allows for plenty of time for group and independent study while still giving me time to work. I love the teamwork and support I receive from other students and instructors. Everyone is very encouraging.

Respiratory Care Student

Attending Pickens Tech is helping me build a firm foundation for the career change I want to make.

Practical Nursing Student

Pickens Technical College has given me the skills and confidence that, I feel, will assure my success in the Cosmetology Field

Cosmetology Student

It is one of the best technical training and trade schools available and the teachers are excellent. They have both teaching and industry experience. Also the cost for post-secondary students is far lower than other tech schools. If [a student] is still in high school, it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Precision Machining Student

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