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Student Support Services

Diverse Learner Department

The Teachers and Paraprofessionals in the Diverse Learner Department at Pickens Technical College provide high school and Transition students who qualify for special education services with academic and transition support within their Career Technical Education program.

Services include:

  • Consultation with program instructor
  • Provision of IEP accommodations
  • Direct/indirect instruction for program curriculum within the classroom
  • Test preparation
  • Communication with home high school teachers/case manager/parents
  • Case management for Transition students

Dawn Blom
303-344-4910, ext. 27743

Post-Secondary 504 Process

To address the issue of supporting post-secondary adult students with disabilities enrolling in programs offered at Pickens the Technical College Postsecondary Adult Students with Disabilities Information notice and 504/ADA Process Checklist were developed by Aurora Public Schools.

It is the responsibility of the student who wishes accommodations for a disability at Pickens to contact the Postsecondary ADA Coordinator for an appointment. The student will be given access to a Process Checklist with instructions as outlined in Pickens Technical College Postsecondary Adult Students with Disabilities Information and asked to bring in the required documentation prepared by a qualified professional to support their disability and request for accommodation.

Once this information is received by the Postsecondary ADA Coordinator it is reviewed with an Evaluation Team consisting of several Pickens staff or faculty members, such as a diverse learner professional, counselor, administrator and instructor. Working with the student, the assigned team will make a determination regarding the disability claim and requested accommodations.

Lorraine Martinez
303-344-4910, ext. 27704

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