• Get a Great Start in the Medical Assistant Program

    Pickens Technical College focuses on providing all of its students with a full set of skills they can use in their future careers. The Medical Assistant Program is a popular program designed to provide students with both front office and back office skills. Pickens medical assistant program is different than most medical assistant programs because it offers hands on experience in both the administrative role and clinical role.

    Instructor Kelly Pruett helps her students understand their role in the medical system and how they can help people in their new careers after they complete her course. Medical assistants are often called upon to help in many different medical situations for patients. They take vital signs, record medical histories, and complete the vital administrative and clinical tasks of a medical office. Duties vary by office, but Pruett makes sure to keep her students trained in how most offices in the Colorado system operate to prepare them for local jobs in the healthcare sector, which is booming with opportunity.

    It is important medical assistants know their role in the health care setting because they are the key players being the first person to meet with the patient. Providing a welcoming atmosphere is crucial in providing proper health care. Another crucial aspect is keeping the office organized. If medical histories are crossed up, patients are endangered. Doctors and nurses need medical histories of their patients and they need their information to be recorded accurately. In addition to the day-to-day administrative tasks that medical assistants perform every day, they also need to make patients feel comfortable so they are at ease during the visit. It is important the medical assistant advocates for their patients. All of these crucial functions are how medical assistants make the healthcare system work in Colorado and throughout the United States.

    Staff is dedicated to inspire education. Our mission is to make sure our students fully understand what you can expect from a fast-paced life long career as a Medical Assistant. Our program is run in such a way that teaches you everything you need to know to be successful in the health care setting. Pickens gives you the practice to be confident in the real world setting.

    Pruett’s class isn’t just about holding hands and smiling at patients when they come in. PTC’s Medical Assistant Program gives students the hard skills to perform at the highest possible level. These skills are what healthcare systems look for when they hire and promote assistants—skills that provide students upward mobility in addition to a line on a resume and the training to take a job in the healthcare sector. Pruett makes sure all of her students are prepared to help others and be the face of healthcare centers in their communities.

  • A Great Place to Start for Small Business Management

    The redesigned Small Business Management program at Pickens Technical College prepares students for employment in an office setting or another business environment by putting an emphasis on computer skills, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. Both college-bound or office-bound students receive skills in their area of emphasis, so they can go on to earn four-year or master’s business degrees, or if they wish, get started on their own business idea.

    Running a small business in any economy or industry takes a skillset that is best learned in a small class with as much teacher-student interaction as possible. All classes in the Pickens Tech Business Department are kept small intentionally to allow for the most student-teacher interaction and individual learning time as possible.

    In addition to the normal subjects covered in all business classes, such as finance, ethics and values, supervision, management, etc., experienced and successful business expert Jennifer Cronk-Cross teaches students in her new class how to read and analyze market forces, how to manage risk, and how to set up successful e-commerce systems: everything a new small business owner needs in their toolkit to succeed in their own industry producing their own useful products and services.

    This new direction for business management at PTC emphasizes the struggles that small, independent organizations often face in their own markets and industries. While many small business owners love the freedom and the rush of running their own growing organizations, they often face challenges on all sides. At PTC, Cronk-Cross and her team put students in position to prepare themselves for the challenges they’ll face after they start their entrepreneurial journey. By giving students the time they need to meet with their instructors and handle situations they will face after they graduate, students can rest assured they’ll be prepared for the next step.

    Running any small business these days takes a great deal of courage. Change is the only constant for entrepreneurs as they navigate the potential pitfalls in front of them. Competition is fierce in almost any industry. In order to be prepared for this uncertainty, students have to have confidence in their abilities. Confidence can’t be instilled unless it’s based on experience and practice. Cronk-Cross makes sure all of her students have the opportunity to gain the experience they need to succeed in the real world. The emphasis on building an e-commerce presence sets future small business owners up for success in this rapidly changing business environment. As new technology sweeps through all industries with new ways of managing finances, people, commodities, and more, students graduating from PTC’s Small Business Management program will be prepared not only for market disruption, but to use these new tools to make their processes and systems better for the future. Small business management today takes agility and a willingness to dare to dream bigger and fly higher. PTC’s Small Business Management program under Cronk-Cross gives students the best chance to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals as successful small business owners.