• Tips to Stand out in an Interview

    Getting the job is often about much more than having the requisite experience and education. Simply being able to perform a job doesn’t mean you’ll get the chance. Pickens Technical College strives to give all students a fighting chance at jobs in their desired field by building hands-on experience and merging that with classroom study led by industry leaders. PTC even has Career Advisors who can help you with interview preparation and resume writing.

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  • Tips to Improve your Resume

    Pickens Technical College students are being constantly reminded that their studies will
    only pay off if they can get a job in the industry they’ve studied. Once students get the skills and
    hands-on experience they need from Pickens, they’ll need to show a potential employer they
    have what it takes to succeed. But you can’t get in the door if you don’t have at least a functional
    resume. Many jobs don’t require a fancy accounting of past accomplishments, and for most jobs,
    (excluding positions like Graphic Designer, etc.) your resume doesn’t need many of the bells and
    whistles you’ll find in the millions of resume editors and templates on the Internet.

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