Pickens Technical College Small Business Management Pathway: Three Rising Trends in E-Commerce

You’re well on your way to a career as a valuable small business manager and marketer in Pickens Technical College’s Small Business Management program. The program, as you now well know, has three emphases designed to prepare you for the real world of business and management laid out before you: computer skills, entrepreneurship, and e-commerce. You’ll need all three of these competencies to make it in any small business environment, whether that’s an environment within a company you created or not.

Chances are, you’ll get your start as a small business wunderkind by working for someone else. Cutting your teeth in a corporate office offers many advantages that will eventually help you start your own business one day, if you choose. You can make connections with other business leaders and workers in an interesting industry. You’ll gain valuable skills and experience working hands-on in a competitive, corporate environment.

No matter what corporate path you choose, you’ll need to master the concepts of e-commerce so you can gain an advantage in your market.

In 2019, e-commerce is changing because of new technologies and ways of thinking being introduced by experienced and smart business leaders and experts around the world. Here are three prominent trends in e-commerce that will affect your work in this sector in the future:

Price is Not the Deciding Factor

For years now, emerging brands have been trying to sell experiences and ideas, rather than only their products and services. When companies sell their products and services online, they need to appeal to their target market’s emotions and try to make a favorable first impression for their brand. Companies are fighting each other not to undercut their competitors, but to make a better impression on their target customers.

Watch out for Grocery Stores

It has already begun. We’re in the midst of a grocery store revolution. When Amazon bought Whole Foods, it became clear that online grocery stores and fast delivery is the wave of the future. It makes sense: many people dread the long lines and crushing crowds of the grocery store. How will this affect the world of e-commerce? If people can start to expect fresh groceries delivered right to their door, their expectations for other products and services online will rise. Be prepared to start creating better ordering and delivery services in your e-commerce job no matter where you work.

Artificial Intelligence to Cause Change

New e-commerce companies everywhere are embracing the features and user experiences artificial intelligence can deliver. Features like chat bots and anticipatory sales have already made online shopping an easier experience overall for most consumers. If you plan on being involved with e-commerce in the near future after your time at PTC, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with common AI features, and any new developments hitting the market soon.

E-Commerce is the Future

Until we find a better delivery system for goods and services than the Internet, e-commerce will grow and offer more to consumers than ever before. As a Pickens student in the Small Business Management program, you’re in a unique position to help drive those improvements.

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