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Pickens Tech’s one-year Veterinary Assisting Program in Aurora is back

At Pickens Tech, we make it our goal to provide comprehensive, hands-on training that equips our students to be successful in every situation their future careers can throw at them. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded those training opportunities to include our new, one-year Veterinary Assisting program

For students looking to enter the Veterinary field, Pickens Tech’s program is available again, as of the start of our 2022-2023 school year. This new program has been developed to prepare individuals for work in animal management, care, health and nutrition, and handling as well as office administration skills and applicable standards and regulations. 

Students who love animals will thrive in a career that allows them to be the first line of care after surgeries, treating illnesses and providing basic care to animal patients at a clinic. If you have good communication skills, are a problem-solver and love taking care of the animals that become members of our families, you might be ready to get started in this rewarding industry.