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Programs >> STEAM, Arts, and Technology Programs

STEAM, Arts and Technology

Arts, media, and communications cover a broad spectrum of careers in creativity and expression, whether in a visual medium or in writing. Communicating powerful ideas and stories through the arts can lead to careers in design, illustration, animation, professional photography, and more. Here at Pickens Technical College, we offer two different certificates in our arts, media, and communication program: Graphic Design and Professional Photography.


If you’ve always had a knack for computers, our Cyber Technician Program may be the course of study for you. This program is designed to cover all the bases when it comes to computers, including installation, maintenance, repair, office networks, and cybersecurity. As computing becomes more and more advanced, the need is greater than ever for professionals in this field. Students don’t merely come away with the foundations of secure networks—we focus on teaching an in-depth curriculum that makes our graduates credible as they search for a job after graduation. Upon completion of this course at our career college, students are prepared for several industry-standard examinations.



Home services companies and construction sites are always looking for experienced electronics technicians. In fact, employment in this profession is projected to stay stable over the next decade, indicating a continued need for these skills. The Electronics Technician Program at our technical school prepares students to succeed on the job. Our courses emphasize hands-on learning with a study in electronic theory and applied mathematics. Students have the opportunity to learn from Mr. John Holmes, who holds 25 years of experience and a background in applications engineering and testing medical devices. Many of our students go straight into the workforce as successful maintenance or electrical test technicians, while others choose to further their education at an Aurora community college.



The Pickens Technical College Graphic Design certificate is a two-year program that addresses all the key design principles and advanced skills necessary to create digital artwork in a graphic design career. Students will learn about concepts like typography and color theory as well as how to operate cutting-edge software programs used by professional designers for photo manipulation and digital art creation in order to produce logos, websites, marketing material, and more for online and print.

Careers and Employment with a Graphic Design Certificate

Because of our affordable tuition, most of our students do not need loans and graduate debt-free, and 100% completed their Graphic Design degree in the normal, two-year schedule. After graduating, our students continue on to be multimedia artists, animators, and graphic designers in varied industries that need marketing materials, logos, and more.



Are you passionate about capturing the world from a different angle? Do you love the idea of a career away from a desk, creating romantic moments in fairytale weddings, or seeking dramatic landscapes around the world? Pickens Technical College offers students like you a Professional Photography certificate in a comprehensive, two-year program.These courses will take you from the basics of exposure theory, 35mm SLRs, and black & white photography, all the way through advanced studio lighting and digital imaging. At the end of the photography courses, you’ll have a professional portfolio of images to share with employers or clients that showcase your art.

A freelance career as a photographer puts you in control of when, where, and how you work to create art. Other photography degree graduates prefer to join an agency that specializes in sports photography, fashion photography, or another niche. Our students also use a certificate program as an affordable and local way to kickstart their education, and upon graduation, choose to transfer to another community college or four-year university.

Our photography classes and our graphic design courses are eligible for Financial Aid to qualifying students. Please contact our admissions team if you have questions about tuition, financial aid, or the application process, and we’ll help you enroll with confidence as you start your creative career plan.



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