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Find Your Future Employees at Pickens Technical College

As a technical school with deep roots in the community, one of our priorities at Pickens Technical College is connecting students with employers and potential jobs in their field of study. Every trade program at Pickens offers a curriculum that emphasizes a practical skill-set by using equipment and tools that are used in their respective field of employment. If you’re a local business interested in joining our school and interviewing young talent, reach out to our employer contacts today.

Samantha O’Neill, M.A.

Coordinator, Career Placement
303-344-4910 ext. 27920

Daniel Sandoval

Daniel Sandoval

Director of Customized Training, Short Term Credentials & Apprenticeships

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We offer programs in more than 30 areas of study and help our students find local apprenticeships pertaining to their career choice. We welcome companies interested in partnering with us for apprenticeships in agriculture, horticulture, business, construction, health, technical jobs, and more to contact us for more information. Students searching for apprenticeship opportunities can sign in to find an apprenticeship related to their field.

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Jobs & Internships

After finishing programs taught by knowledgeable instructors through hands-on experience using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, our graduates are ready to put their skills to work. There’s no better place than an internship or job in the student’s field of study to get started. Contact us to partner with our program and interview the talent coming out of Pickens Technical College to fill your open roles. Students researching job openings and internships can sign in to view open positions.

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