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Programs >> Health

Pickens Technical College Trains Students for Health Careers

Pickens Technical College is the perfect setting in Aurora, CO for students to advance their education in pursuit of a health & human services career. We provide a wide range of certificate programs to ensure all our pupils find an industry in which they can thrive. Each program is available to adults and high school students through the Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System and Aurora Public Schools. Credits are transferable to any community college or area technical school in Colorado. We endeavor to relay professional skills, knowledge, and work habits to our students to prepare them for a rewarding career. Contact us today to learn more about our foundations for a career in health services.

Our Catalog of Health-Related Programs

The staff at Pickens Technical College in Aurora, CO is devoted to helping students achieve their dreams of working in the health industry. We are proud to offer programs that serve as a foundation for that goal. The health-related programs within our catalog include:

Dental Assisting & Expanded Duty Dental Assistant

The dental programs at Pickens Technical College are led by instructors with decades’ worth of collective experience in the industry, including several years teaching dental medicine. Our Dental Assisting program prepares students for the profession and schools them on how to meet the needs of diverse populations. It does so by readying students to aid dentists during operations, in reception and clerical roles, and through selected laboratory work. It also includes instruction pertaining to taking x-rays and impressions as well as nutritional counseling and preventative education. Upon completion of the dental assisting certificate, students may enroll in our Expanded Duty Dental Assisting Program.

Medical Assistant

 Our Medical Assisting program at Pickens Technical College prepares students for work at medical offices, agencies, and clinics within the healthcare industry. After completing the program, students will be ready to work as a medical receptionist, helping perform functions such as new patient registration, appointment scheduling, and billing. Furthermore, they will be able to carry out back-office functions such as recording vital signs, handling specimens, calculating proper medication dosage, and a variety of other responsibilities. After two semesters detailing the whole gamut of medical assistant roles, students will be eligible to apply for a 160-hour summer clinical/internship.

Nurse Aide

 At Pickens Technical College, we designed our 105-hour Nurse Aide program to ready students for work as a nurse aide in hospitals, home health organizations, or extended-care facilities. The program is even available for students who can only attend classes at night. After completing our NUA 101 program as well as the subsequent NUA 170 program, students may take the Colorado State Board of Nursing Certification Exam.

Pharmacy Technician

 The pharmacy technician program sets students up for success in pharmacy, teaching them how to prepare prescribed medications. Those who complete the program can transfer their skills to retail pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Each graduate will be well-versed in medical terms, know how to make dosage calculations, and understand the specifics of insurance claims. Our pharmacy technician program prepares students to take the Pharmacy Technical Certificate Board (PTCB) exam.

Practical Nursing

Our practical nursing program in Aurora, CO is led by highly-skilled instructors with extensive experience in the nursing field. The team of instructors delivers unrivaled education based on its collective expertise that prepares students to become outstanding representatives of the nursing profession. The areas on which we focus include geriatric, maternal-infant, medical-surgical, and pediatric nursing. After completing the program, students receive a certificate and become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing.

Respiratory Therapy

We are proud to offer a respiratory therapy program at Pickens Technical College in collaboration with the Community College of Aurora (CCA). Before acceptance into our program, students must complete CCA’s general education component. We then teach them about the basic sciences, cardiopulmonary physiology, mechanical ventilation, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. Additionally, we provide clinical experience so that students are eligible to become registered respiratory therapists (RRT). Furthermore, with an associate degree in respiratory therapy, students may further their education by earning bachelor’s degrees in the field at select institutions.

Contact Pickens Technical College Today

Pickens Technical College is looking for ambitious, self-motivated students to enroll in our health programs for the upcoming semester. We provide specialized training for each of our students who aim for a health & human services career. Our friendly instructors are happy to help students achieve their lifelong goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

Contact Pickens Technical College in Aurora, CO today to take the first step toward your new and fulfilling profession.

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