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Learn More About Pickens’ Concurrent Enrollment Options for High Schoolers

High school students who attend Pickens Technical College will spend half of their school day at their regular high school continuing their high school curriculum. The other half of their day will be spent at Pickens Technical College, where they will study a specific program. By enrolling as a high school student at Pickens, students have the opportunity to earn a certificate in one of over 25 programs. Additionally, they can earn college credits that can be transferred to any community college in the state that is accredited. High school math or science credits may be available, depending on the program of choice.

Pickens Technical College offers programs with entry points at the beginning of each Fall semester. Some programs may also have entry points in the Spring. Class positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and students can enroll at any time throughout the year. Students should speak with their high school counselor or contact Pickens’ Career Advisors for more information.

Resources for High School Students Interested in Enrollment

If you’re interested in learning more about enrolling at Pickens Technical College as a high school student, you’ll find helpful information about the process at the following links:

High School Registration Checklist Aurora Public School Student Fee Chart

All Other District Student Fee Chart ASCENT Scholarship Application

The ASCENT Program

Accelerating Students Through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) is a state-funded scholarship program designed to assist eligible students in paying for their first year of college. Those who qualify and are awarded ASCENT have their entire Pickens Technical College tuition paid for by the scholarship. To be eligible, students must:

  • Be on track to graduate high school by the end of the applicable school year
  • Have earned 12 or more college credits by the end of their senior year
  • Have a grade of C or higher in all applied college credits
  • Learn more on the Aurora Public School’s (APS) ASCENT Website. Students outside of APS are advised to meet with their own counseling department for more information.

Enrollment for High School Students

High School Students Interested in Enrolling Should Complete the Following:

  • Complete the career exploration assessment
  • Explore offered programs of study
  • Meet with your high school counselor to discuss your eligibility
  • Create an academic plan with your counselor
  • Complete your application for enrollment through your high school counselor
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Executive Internship

The Executive Internship Program is a 1 semester, high school-student-only program focused on providing students with a real-world workplace environment to learn the following:

  • Write resumes
  • Interview for internships and jobs
  • Best practices for the workplace
  • What type of work and careers they would like to pursue

Apprenticeship to Teaching

The Apprenticeship to Teaching (A2T) Program is a 2 semester, high school-student-only program focused on providing students with a real-world workplace environment:

  • Create resumes, apply, and interview for paraprofessional apprenticeship jobs within APS elementary schools
  • Spend 4 days a week gaining valuable hands-on experience within the elementary schools
  • Earn 6 college credits from CCA as well as 3 elective credits for high school
  • Learn workplace best practices

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