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Post-Secondary Student Registration Checklist

Enrollment Checklist



student meeting with advisor

High School Students

Information for High School students starting in the fall: High School student information for Fall 2020

High School Registration Checklist

  • Meet with your high school counselor and determine which program is the best fit for you.
  • Work with your high school counselor and fill out the online application. They will have the link specifically for your school. Be sure to review program fees and agreements prior to submission.
  • APS High School Students must complete the application provided to them by their high school counselor.

Fee Information:

Concurrent Enrollment

Pickens Technical College (PTC) has a concurrent enrollment agreement with Aurora Public Schools – and a variety of other school districts – that makes it possible for qualified high school junior and senior students to attend college-level career and technical programs while earning high school credit simultaneously.

How does concurrent enrollment benefit me?

  • The school district pays for tuition
  • Students earn college and high school academic credits
  • Credits are transferable to all community colleges
  • Students earn an industry-recognized certificate to help obtain future employment
Academic Credit for College-Level Learning Acquired in the Military

Pickens Technical College will assess the veteran’s JTS and will award credit based on ACE recommendation. Any student who has acquired occupational knowledge in his/her program area through previous education, work experience, on-the-job training or any means other than formal education may challenge any course that will apply to specific CTE certificate programs. Some courses within a program do not provide challenge opportunities.

Pickens Technical College’s student services coordinator will assist any veteran or active military student in selecting a certificate program and verifying PLA credit awarded for the chosen program of study.

ASCENT Scholarship

ASCENT is designed for students who have met their graduation requirements and have completed 12 college credits (with Cs or higher) prior to graduation. This scholarship pays for one-year tuition following high school graduation.


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