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Help Clients Maintain Healthy Skin Through Skincare, Treatments, Cleansing, and Beautifying Techniques

The Esthetician Program provides the student with specialized training in skin care, hair removal, day spa facial, and body treatments. Advanced training includes skincare machines, professional make-up, facial massage, exfoliation treatment, aromatherapy, nutrition, and health of the skin. The program includes specialty treatments for problematic skin types, ingredient and product analysis, and salon business. Students may have the opportunity to participate in an internship during their advanced training as an extra elective. Students successfully completing the program will be prepared to take the Colorado State Agency Licensing Exam. Full program completers also receive a certificate for chemical peels and microdermabrasion after “License Examination.”

Looking for a night class? This program is also offered as an evening program.

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What Our Students Learn

  • Perform treatments such as facials, hair removal, microderm, chemical peels, and other skin care-related services
  • Apply professional makeup
  • Maintain, clean, and use skin care machines in treatments
  • Provide cosmetic advice for clients for problematic skin types, skin health and nutrition, and recommended products
  • Sanitize tools, equipment, facilities or work areas

Career Outlook

  • Employment opportunity in this field is 4 times higher than the national average of a job
  • Entry level salaries start at $25,000 and up
  • Median salary is $42,000
  • 10% of workers earn $147,000 or more
esthetician professional working

Program Experience

  • Students spend 50% of their time learning concepts in a classroom, and 50% of their time in the salon with hands-on practical work
  • Students gain experience in a full equipped salon environment with industry-grade equipment
  • An on-site internship is built into the curriculum
  • Enrollment options are available for both high school students and post-secondary students
  • 1 year of classes

Yong Keffer

Instructor, Esthetician

Yong Keefer has been teaching since 2003 and has been in the Esthetician industry since 1991. Mrs. Yong began her teaching career at Pickens. Before coming to Pickens, Mrs. Yong worked in a salon, and she now continues her salon work alongside her time teaching.

Certifications & Degrees:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Gel Nail Technician
  • Permanent Makeup Technician
  • Laser Technician
  • Micro-Needling Technician
  • Dermaplane Facial Hair Removal Technique
  • Chemical Peel Technician
  • Microdermabrasion Technician
  • Tattoo Removal Technician
  • Body Contour Technician

Accredited Certificate Courses (24 credits)

All credits earned at Pickens technical college are recognized by the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), and are eligible for transfer to other colleges within the state of Colorado.

This course covers laws, rules, and regulations governing the beauty industry in Colorado and accountability for the student, licensed individuals, salons, and school owners.

This course covers salon management business practices and the knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful business. Topics covered in this course include basic business management, interpersonal skills, basic techniques in salesmanship and customer services, job readiness skills, and professional ethics.

This course covers the study of skin in both theory and practical applications for skin care professionals. Topics included in the course are skin structure and function, massage manipulations while providing facials and the benefits derived from a proper facial, and good skin care routines. Training is conducted in a classroom or lab setting using manikins or models.

This course covers skincare and practical application pertaining to anatomy, skin disorders, skin types, and facial shapes. Students will help patrons to select the proper skin care treatment(s). Practical and theory application can be done in specialized classes or supervised salon setting using models or customer service.

Introduces the various methods of disinfection, sanitation, and safety as used today in the industry. Classroom study of bacteriology and the terminology dealing with disinfection, sanitation, and safety.

Presents theory and the daily utilization and practice of the proper methods of disinfection, sanitation, and safety. Procedures as related to all phases of the industry. Training is provided in a supervised (clinical) setting.

This course covers advanced techniques for massage, skincare, and lash/ brow tinting. Theory and practical procedures ready the student for employment and preparation for State Board Licensing Examination. Instruction is provided in specialized classes or in a supervised salon setting.

This course covers cosmetics and their functions for the skin care professional, including the importance of color theory, facial types, and skin tones as they relate to facial makeup. Topics in this course include Instruction from the basic makeup application, corrective makeup procedures, and disinfection and sanitation pertaining to all aspects of makeup.

This course covers an in-depth study and practice of hair removal and the practice of patron protection and safety. Training for general waxing and body waxing procedures are provided. Demonstration of disinfection and sanitation as it pertains to Colorado rules and regulations will be practiced.

Provides advanced training on disinfection, sanitation, and safety is incorporated in a supervised salon (clinical) setting. Advanced techniques will ready the student for employment. Student preparation for the State Board Licensing Examination in theory and practical procedures for disinfection, sanitation, and safety.

Allows advanced training in all course areas and allows student training for State Licensing Exam. Hours will be arranged. Chemical peel and microdermabrasion training, required by the Colorado State Agency, will be covered in this class.

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