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Programs >> Human Services Programs

Human Services Programs

Pickens Technical College is the ideal institution in Aurora, CO for students to learn skills that can prepare them for a health & human services career. Our flexible learning environment allows students from all walks of life to learn at their paces, working toward certificates that will serve as foundations for their human services career. We accept high school students as well as adults who have a passion for the industry. The Aurora Public Schools Board of Education governs Pickens Technical College, which is accredited by the Council of Occupational Education. After completing our certificate programs, students can enter the workforce with specialized skills and strategies that will help guarantee success. Contact us today to learn more about our human services programs.

Human Services Programs at Pickens Technical College

The instructors and staff at Pickens Technical College in Aurora, CO are committed to providing a thorough education for students who wish to begin a profession within the dynamic human services industries. Our comprehensive programs can serve as the basis for further education or students’ beginnings in their fields of choice. Our human services-related programs include:


We are thrilled to accept students who have a passion for beautification into our cosmetology program at Pickens Technical College. We have a large staff of cosmetology instructors, many of whom have spent decades teaching cosmetology and boast extensive experience within the industry. We provide training in hair, nails, and skin, offering classes for 4-7 hours per day on a year-round basis to comply with state requirements. The first semester of our cosmetology program comprises an introduction to all subject areas through theory and a lab setting. Subsequent instruction combines cosmetology theory and clinical training as students work on patrons or mannequins. There are also opportunities for internships during advanced training. Successful completion of our cosmetology certificate program, which includes a minimum of 60 credit hours or 1,800 clock hours, makes a student eligible to register for the Colorado State Licensing Exam.

Culinary Arts

Our culinary arts program at Pickens Technical College is a two-semester immersive experience that teaches the fundamentals of cooking and baking, nutrition, kitchen management, and safety. We devote emphasis to food sanitation, proper equipment usage, and safe-serving techniques. During coursework, students practice, create, and perfect personal recipes while also incorporating their concepts into real-world events. Opportunities we provide during the culinary arts certificate program include catering activities and field trips, as well as networking events to make connections with culinary professionals in and around Aurora, CO.


Pickens Technical College’s esthetician program offers specialized training in day spa facial and body treatments, hair removal, and skincare. We teach students about specialty treatments for troublesome skin types, specifics about the salon business, and product analysis techniques. Our advanced esthetician training incorporates skincare machines, facial massages, exfoliation treatments, aromatherapy, and more. All classes within the program prepare students for the Colorado State Agency Licensing Exam, for which students are eligible after 600 clock hours of work experience. Following state licensure, our students may also receive a certificate for chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Nail Technician

We offer a nail technician program that features training in all types of nail beautification techniques, including plain and oil manicures and pedicures. Our training techniques include instruction for the use of acrylic nails, gels, silk wraps, nail art, and paraffin treatments. We also prepare students to recognize nail disorders and appropriate treatments for them, as well as proper sanitation procedures. Our industry-licensed instructors have extensive salon experience and have been teaching in private and public schools for decades.

Early Childhood Education

Executive Internship

Start Your Journey at Pickens Technical College Today

At Pickens Technical College, we want to help you begin your journey toward a fulfilling health & human services career in Aurora, CO. We have friendly instructors with significant industry experience who strive to help students succeed. If you have ambitions of becoming a nail technician, barber, chef, esthetician, or cosmetologist, let us help you realize those dreams.

Contact us today to learn more about our admissions process, financial aid, and human services programs at Pickens Technical College.

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