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Technical School Programs in Aurora, CO

Learn More About Our Programs

Is it time to take the next step in your career? Pickens Technical College is here to help with top-notch technical degree programs that will help you advance. We have a wide variety of course offerings and welcome students of all backgrounds. Browse our Aurora, CO programs and find one that stands out to you.


2022-2023 Catalog

What Course of Study Interests You?

Are you a creative mastermind? Maybe you have a talent for negotiations and business transactions. Whatever course of study matches your aptitudes and career goals, Pickens Technical College has something for you. Get the details on our dozens of technical school programs.

STEAM, Arts, and Technology

What if you could turn your creative prowess into a career? At Pickens Technical College, we offer an array of technology and art programs to flex those creative muscles. Choose from these offerings:

  • Multimedia Graphic Design—This two-year course prepares students for both print and digital careers. Focus on web design, illustration, or typography.
  • Professional Photography—Have you always been handy with a camera? Max out that talent by learning darkroom skills, exposure theory, and DSLR camera operations.
  • Cyber Technician—This one-year program gives students the tools to work as cybersecurity professionals. You’ll learn to implement industry-standard security measures.
  • Electronics Technician—Find out how electrical systems work, then use your knowledge to test systems, replace mechanical parts, and boost performance.

Business and Marketing

Whether you want to run a small mom-and-pop shop or you aspire to be a high-powered CEO, you have to start somewhere. For many students, our business and marketing programs are a jumping-off point toward a lucrative career. Choose from these courses:

  • Marketing—Upon completing this one-year program, you’ll have all the skills to earn industry-based certifications and score a job in your field.
  • Small Business Management—Running a small business is a challenge, so this course breaks it down to the basics. Learn about the software, taxes, e-commerce, payroll, and much more.
Urban horticulture landscaping program in Aurora, CO

Agriculture and Energy

The agriculture and energy industries continue to be fundamental to our society. If you’re interested in a career in ag and animal sciences, learn more about these programs:

Skilled Trades

A career in construction and related trades can be both high-paying and fulfilling. To get a jumpstart on your career, enroll in one of our skilled trades programs. Take your pick from the following options:

  • Automotive Technology—Students who finish this program have all the skills necessary to be service technicians. Diagnostic testing, suspension systems, and transmission maintenance are all covered within the course.
  • Collision Repair Technology—If you’d like a career as a body shop technician, this is the program for you. Learn surface preparation and painting, welding, and non-structural repair techniques.
  • Diesel Technology—Enter a high-demand field after completing this one-year program. Students learn heavy-duty repair techniques.
  • Motorcycle Service Technology—Are you interested in motorcycles? Learn to be a service technician through this two-year program.
  • Construction Technology—This program teaches everything from construction cost estimation to the real-world process of building a house.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Technology—Learn to be an HVAC technician and collaborate with customers to assess issues and find solutions.
  • Facilities Maintenance Technician—Gain the skills necessary to work in maintenance. We focus on electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and much more.
  • Advanced Manufacturing—In just two years, students learn to become competent machinists. You’ll learn equipment operation, 3D digital design, and proper measuring practices.
  • Welding—Skilled welders can make a pretty penny in income. Through this program, you’ll learn best practices for welding.

Human Services

At Pickens Technical College, we offer several human services programs that allow you to interact with your community daily. Consider enrolling in one of these comprehensive programs:

  • Cosmetology—Learn all you need to know about cosmetology—barbering, nail services, blow-outs, perm, and more.
  • Culinary Arts—If you’ve always wanted to work in the kitchen, get a head start with this one-year program. Brush up on menu planning, recipe conversion, and alternative diet options.
  • Esthetician—This program trains students to enter the world of esthetics. You’ll learn the basics of treating skin conditions with facials, waxing, and chemical peels.
  • Nail Technician—Learn to shape, decorate, and augment nails, as well as maintain client information and records.
  • Early Childhood Education—Do you have a passion for working with children? This program teaches students to maintain records, supervise children, and design age-appropriate lessons.
  • Executive Internship—This program is open to high school students looking to get experience in a real-life work environment.
  • Barbering—Learn the tricks of the trade that make a great barber. This course focuses on cuts, shaves, and proper equipment care.


Healthcare workers are in high demand. Thankfully, Pickens Technical College is here to train a new generation of professionals. Enroll in one of our health programs:

  • Dental Assisting—Learn to be a dentist’s right-hand man through this program. We focus on assisting with procedures and maintaining accurate records.
  • Medical Assisting—This one-year program teaches students to record vitals, document patient conditions, and complete back-office tasks.
  • Nurse Aide—Help nurses with day-to-day tasks, such as feeding patients, recording vital signs, and helping residents with limited mobility.
  • Pharmacy Technician—Make a difference at your local pharmacy. After this one-year program, you’ll know how to verify information, maintain inventory, and take care of billing.
  • Practical Nursing—This program teaches students to record medical histories, administer medication, monitor patient conditions, and much more.
  • Respiratory Therapy—After completing this two-year program, you’ll be ready to work with patients struggling with respiratory issues.

Talk to a Staff Member About Our Technical Programs

Which of our technical school certificate programs piques your interest? If you’d like to learn more about one of our offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out. Each course has a different lecture schedule, and we’d be happy to give you class times upon request. Take the first step toward your future!

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