• Five Tips for Preparing for the School Year

    I know you don’t want to start thinking about it, but the better prepared you are for the next school year, the better and more easily you’ll pass your classes, get your degree or certificate, and start your dream career. Pickens Technical College offers challenging courses designed to train you for the next step in […]

  • Start Your 2018 Summer Reading Program

    Remember grade school, when your teacher would hand you a list of books to read over the summer? No matter which books were on that list, whether you’ve heard of them or not, you rolled your eyes and groaned, if you’re anything like me. I’ve since come to love reading books, even when I wasn’t […]

  • Stay Sharp: Why Practicing Your Skills Over the Summer Makes Sense

    Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me when I was in school, thinking about lounging in the sun for three months is one of the most prominent things in your mind right now. It’s important to let your mind and body relax after completing a school year of hands-on, rigorous […]

  • The Importance of Rest

    If you’re attending Pickens Technical College and you wrapped up your semester of intense, hands-on training, congratulations. You’ve earned some rest. The classes and programs at PTC are not easy. They’re not supposed to be. Learning a new skill is difficult, whether it’s how to weld or how to time the hit-stick just right in […]

  • Five Outdoor Colorado Activities for Summer on a Budget

    The weather is turning and summer is finally here! In addition to staying up-to-date with new information developing in your industry of choice, you can help yourself by taking some time off and exploring all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. There are two main problems to enjoying yourself to the max at most […]

  • Set These Summer Goals for Success

    If you want to use your summer vacation to your advantage, it’s time to start setting goals now. Many people, especially students, get carried away with summer relaxation and end up wasting valuable time. It’s important to relax during the summer, of course. Your brain needs the fresh air, sunshine, and rest that summertime in […]

  • The Serious Business of Summer Fun and Relaxation

    It’s easy to fall into the trap, especially if you’ve already started your career or you’re working hard to kick it off, of overwork. In the United States, work is sacrosanct, and in many fields, overwork is simply part of the experience. If you’re motivated to get ahead and find success, it takes putting in […]

  • The Basics of Dental Assistance

    The Dental Assisting program at Pickens Technical College is a popular one that teaches students to be contributing members of the dental profession. Dental assistants work with the dentist at the chair side in the dental office, providing support to dentists and patients. Experienced dental assistants perform direct patient care functions such as taking x-rays […]

  • How to Turn Nervous Energy into an Asset in Job Interviews

    I’ll be honest. I don’t take advantage of the well-documented mental help that meditation and other thinking exercises offers. It’s not because I look down on Eastern Medicine, or that I think I’m better than everyone who does yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation; it’s because I often feel I don’t have time. That’s not an […]

  • Plant and Horticulture Sale at Pickens Tech

    It’s almost time for the annual plant sale, sponsored by the Pickens Technical College Horticulture program. Every year, Urban Horticulture and Landscaping students cultivate and nurture all the plants you’ll need to build the ultimate garden each spring and summer. This year, the three-day event will be held May 10 th through the 12 th […]