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Programs >> Engineering and Technology Programs >> Advanced Manufacturing Program

Advanced Manufacturing Program in Aurora, CO

(Formerly Precision Machining)

The Advanced Manufacturing Program consists of classroom and shop learning experiences which will permit the student successfully completing the program to be qualified as an entry level machinist and/or a manufacturing specialist.

Major contact areas covered in the program are machine shop safety, measuring instruments, blueprint reading, operations of general machine tools; such as, mill, lathes grinders, 3D printers, laser engraving, and heating.

In addition, students will gain valuable experience in the Job Shop course through the design and production for actual customer projects.

A focal point of the Advanced Manufacturing Program is instruction in the programming, set-up, and operation of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines.

Apprenticeships may be available with local manufacturing shops and businesses.



Instructor Sean Hennessy

Mr. Hennessy is used to working in fast paced jobs and is able to produce high quality, precise components. Mr. Hennessy feels that as well as being fast paced, the Machine Trades are so vast that he rarely is asked to create the same object twice. In fact, using his creativity and producing something of value for the customer is what Mr. Hennessy enjoys most about Advanced Manufacturing.

Years Teaching: 7

Teaching Background:
Mr. Hennessy began teaching when he was asked (on the job) to train new machine shop employees. Mr. Hennessy has taught both at Front Range Community College and at Pickens

Years in Industry: more than 10 years

Industry Background:
Before becoming an Advanced Manufacturing teacher, Mr. Hennessy was a Program Planning Director for an Aerospace / DOD contractor for 10 years. He was in charge of the machine shop work-flow as well as serving as the lead programmer for the CNC machining centers in the shop.

Industry Certifications and Degrees:

  • Journeyman Machinist
  • Mastercam
  • Solidworks
Instructor (Evening) Shelton Reed

Years Teaching: 1 year

Teaching Background:to be updated

Years in Industry: to be updated

Industry Background: to be updated

Industry Certifications and Degrees: to be updated


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