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Programs >> Skilled Trades >> Advanced Manufacturing Program

Advanced Manufacturing Program in Aurora, CO

(Formerly Precision Machining)

Whether you’ve just graduated high school or are looking to change careers, Pickens Technical College is the place for you. Our program in advanced manufacturing is designed to teach you the basics of manufacturing and leave you with the tools to succeed in the workforce. No experience necessary—our advanced manufacturing courses will teach you all you need to know! Over the years, we’ve become a staple in Aurora, CO, for providing an exceptional education at affordable rates. Find out more about the ins and outs of our manufacturing program and kick off the enrollment process.

What Does Advanced Manufacturing Entail?

Advanced manufacturing is a lucrative career option for those who are interested in both technology and the creative process. Our program consists of both classroom learning and hands-on experiences in the shop. We work through numerous topics throughout four semesters, including shop safety, measuring instruments, blueprint reading, 3D printing, laser engraving, and much more. Upon completing our program, you’ll have a certificate in advanced manufacturing and enough experience to succeed as an entry-level machinist or manufacturing specialist. Here are just a few of the required courses for this program:

  • Introduction to Engine Lathe
  • Production Manufacturing
  • Print Reading for Machinists
  • Practical Metallurgy
  • CNC Turning Operations



Meet Our Instructors

Students should learn the advanced manufacturing process from industry experts. At Pickens Technical College, you have the chance to just that. Our experienced faculty members are excited to work with students and help them succeed in their studies. Those who choose our program in advanced manufacturing technology will learn from these instructors:

  • Sean Hennessy: Before his tenure at Pickens Technical College, Mr. Hennessy served as Program Planning Director at an aerospace contractor. He most enjoys the creativity that goes into manufacturing.
  • Shelton Reed:
    Teaching Background: Cross training new employees at previous industry jobs. Shelton Reed has been teaching for 2 years.
    Industry background: After graduating Pickens Tech with a welding and machining certificate Shelton gained experience in the custom car industry building and machining one off parts and cars, from there he moved into the medical device industry working directly with a team of engineers to produce prototypes for cutting edge medical technology.  After his stay in the medical device industry, he accepted the role of lead CNC programmer, programming CNC machines to machine parts for the automotive, aerospace, construction, and food processing industries. Through this time he has always stayed present in the custom car industry helping companies with CAD and CAM design work. Shelton has worked 10 years in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry before beginning his time as a teacher at Pickens Tech.
    Industry Certifications & Degrees: Precision Machining Certificate, Welding Certificates, Solidworks Associates Degree

Why Choose an Advanced Manufacturing Career?

A career in manufacturing is an excellent choice for numerous reasons. Over the years, our students have come to reap all of the benefits of a lucrative manufacturing position. Below, you’ll find just a few advantages of investing in an advanced manufacturing education:

  • Innovation and Creativity: Do you love being creative? If so, manufacturing may be the industry for you. In this profession, you have a chance to innovate every day.
  • Constant Change: As advanced manufacturing technologies develop, so will your career. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow with the industry as a whole.
  • Fulfillment: Many people in office jobs never get to see the results of their hard work. Manufacturing specialists, however, can hold the fruits of their labor in their hands. Seeing the positive impact your work makes on others leads to a stronger sense of fulfillment.

Join Hundreds of Aurora Residents in Choosing Us

Pickens Technical College is a fantastic choice to begin your higher education experience. We’re known throughout the state for exceptional graduates who are ready to enter the workforce with many of the skills needed for success. Not only do we offer an excellent education, but we also provide affordable options. We understand that many people just don’t have the funds to pay for a traditional college education. Our team is proud to keep tuition rates low so as many people as possible can enjoy a well-rounded education.

Reach Out for More Information

Are you even more interested in a career in advanced manufacturing? Talk to our staff about enrolling in our certificate program today. Our program is a significant stepping stone to an advanced manufacturing degree, so don’t wait to request more information! We’re glad to discuss your needs and help place you in the ideal course of study. Contact us today to learn more.


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