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Programs >> Business & Marketing Pathway

Business & Marketing

Getting a degree or certificate from the Pickens Technical College in business, marketing, and public administration is a concrete and practical step toward a variety of careers in the public or private sector. From non-profits to brand-new startups in every industry, business and marketing skills are essential to run basic operations smoothly. Whether you plan to open up your own business—from a bakery to an auto shop—or launch a career in marketing with an established company, Pickens Technical College offers two certificate programs to help you get there: Small Business Management and Marketing: Hospitality & Tourism.



Marketing is a 1-year program that teaches students marketing principles through the lens of the hospitality and tourism industry by helping students:

  • Learn and acquire strong Leadership skills through DECA (An Association of Marketing Students)
  • Gain industry experience through internships and site visits
  • Learn sales and marketing, accounting, and guest service skills
  • Develop interpersonal skills, professionalism, dependability, and event planning
  • Earn industry-based certifications

Small Business Management

Small Business Management is a 1- year program focused on teaching students how to:

  • Manage or work in a small office setting
  • Prepare tax returns, acquire accounting skills and prepare payroll
  • Learn marketing and entrepreneurship skills
  • Create web pages via HTML and learn e-commerce skills
  • Operate software to prepare spreadsheets and reports

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