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Skilled Trade Programs

Pickens Technical College is a technical school in Aurora, CO, and we’re pleased to offer a construction and development program that is multifaceted and thorough. From carpentry training and exposure to real-world scenarios, our coursework prepares students for jobs ranging from cost estimators to construction managers, building maintenance, and HVAC personnel. There are a wide variety of jobs in this field, and completing a certification program such as ours helps students prepare for success in the wider professional world.

We offer three tracks in construction and development, they are construction technology, HVAC, and facilities maintenance. Each certificate program has a unique blend of coursework that is designed to outfit the student for an entry-level position where they will be well-prepared to flourish. Please contact our admissions department for information on enrollment, financial aid, and other basics. If you have questions about any of the certification programs we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Our construction technology program features a custom blend of both classroom work and hands-on training in the field. Students in this certification program can select from two different tracks—the Construction Technology Certificate or the Advanced Methods Certificate. Our guidance staff is available to answer your questions regarding which program would be right for your specific needs in the construction school coursework we have available.

Construction certificate classes offer training in a variety of different areas, including blueprint reading, cost estimating, building codes, frame construction and roof framing, hand and power tool use, and safety, among other topics. Courses are taught by an experienced professional who is fully licensed and has an extensive background in the construction trade.


Pickens Technical College provides entry-level training for students interested in obtaining an HVAC certificate for work in the field. The Heating Service Technology Block consists of 270 hours of education in this area, including topics such as duct sizing, airflow problems, forced air gas furnace service, and performance testing after repair work, among other subjects. A combination of computer simulation and hands-on experience are provided as students progress throughout the HVAC training program.

In addition to the coursework, there are opportunities to test for various professional certifications in the HVAC field. An internship is also provided at the Aurora Public Schools Maintenance Department, so students are able to gain training in a real-life setting.


The facilities maintenance program at Pickens Technical College prepares students for work in both residential and commercial buildings, performing inspections, ongoing maintenance, and handling any necessary basic repair work needed to keep the building functioning properly day-to-day. Subjects covered include interior and exterior maintenance work for floors, walls, window treatments, painting, and more.

A wide range of different subjects will be introduced to prepare the student for entry-level work in this field. Some of the areas covered include carpentry, electrical work, appliances, plumbing, HVAC work, and mechanical systems. Hands-on training will be emphasized throughout the learning process.


Among our most popular engineering programs is the Advanced Manufacturing Program. This course of study combines traditional lectures and hands-on shop learning. We’ll cover safety standards, measurement, blueprints, and operating standard equipment. Many of our students get a little extra experience with an apprenticeship at a local manufacturing shop. Upon completing this course at our technical school, graduates are well prepared for an entry-level position as a machinist or manufacturing specialist. Instructors Michael Townsend and Sean Hennessy have nearly 30 years of combined experience in teaching manufacturing.


Skill in welding opens numerous opportunities for graduates of all ages. Pickens Technical College is proud to offer a comprehensive Welding Program to prepare students for an entry-level job or further education in their field. This program melds classroom instruction and applied training in industry-standard welding techniques. Students complete coursework in blueprint reading, maintenance welding, oxyfuel and plasma cutting, and much more. After finishing our rigorous courses, students may sit for the American Welding Society Plate Certification and apply for positions as pipe welders, fabricators, and several others.


If you’ve always been fascinated by cars and how they work, the Automotive Technology Program is designed for you. At Pickens Technical College, you’ll learn the basics of fixing automobiles, as well as take an in-depth look at eight different specialty areas. Students always learn with the most up-to-date tools, and we aim to teach our students the most cutting-edge techniques. Toward the end of the Automotive Technology Program, students enroll in an internship to gain real-world experience working with autos and customers. After completing their coursework, students are prepared for Automotive Service Excellence testing and certification or to continue their education if they so choose. Want to enter the workforce after graduation? We give you all the tools you need to find a position after finishing this program.


Getting in a car accident is often one of the most vulnerable times in one’s life. Mechanics in collision repair shops have the crucial job of restoring a damaged car and preparing it to get safely back on the road. At our technical school, you can become one of these professionals through our Collision Repair Technology Program. Our instructors focus on hands-on experience using program vehicles and work to impart entry-level skills to every student. This program is among our most rigorous, and it requires students to be in good physical health and has excellent reading and writing skills. Through the program at Pickens Technical College, students can earn three distinct certificates to help them gain lucrative employment after graduation.


Perhaps you’re interested in the auto industry, but you have a particular affinity for trucks. If this is the case for you, consider the Diesel Technology Program at Pickens Technical College. For the duration of this program, students will learn the skills necessary to gain employment as a diesel truck technician in the Aurora, CO area. Students are trained with current M/H duty diesel trucks and learn to use the latest equipment used in the field today. Plus, students gain an in-depth understanding of the diesel trucking industry from Instructor Randy Kubick. With 36 years in the industry, Mr. Kubick holds a wealth of knowledge in diesel technology theory and practices. His courses combine lectures and real-world training.


Motorcycles and power sports are certainly exciting, but we shouldn’t forget all the maintenance that goes into keeping these vehicles in working order. The Motorcycle Service Technology Program at Pickens Technical College prepares students to work with these vehicles on a daily basis. Beyond motorcycles, this may include snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and watercraft. Throughout their coursework, our students become familiar with the mechanical theory, best practices for service and repair, engine overhaul procedures, and troubleshooting. If you’re interested in the business end of motorcycles and power sports, this program also involves coursework in shop management and top business practices. After completing the required classes, students may earn two different certificates that will increase their employability.

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