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Programs >> Human Services Programs >> Culinary Arts Program

Culinary Arts Program in Aurora, CO

The two-semester program will introduce students to the fundamentals of cooking and baking techniques, food properties, nutrition, and basic kitchen management. Safety is emphasized throughout the course regarding food sanitation, proper equipment usage, safe-serving techniques, customer and employee safety, and kitchen sanitation.

Students will practice recipes, create their own food and baking recipes, and incorporate their concepts and skills into real-world customer events. Students will be introduced to business components, food preparation knowledge, and skills necessary for success in a variety of culinary arts careers. Catering activities, field trips, and CTSO opportunities provide an additional connection to career-related experiences.

The following certificates may be earned:

Culinary Arts Certificate



Years Teaching: Since 1995

Teaching Background: Family & Consumer Science teacher

Years in Industry: 10 years

Industry Background:: Restaurant Industry

Certifications and Degrees:

  • BS in Home Economics
  • MA in Curriculum & Instruction

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