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Programs >> STEAM, Arts, and Technology>> Cyber Technician

Cyber Technician Program in Aurora, CO

The Cyber Technician Program is designed to prepare students for entry into the industry of installing, maintaining, and repairing computers, enterprise, and small office networks and cybersecurity systems. The program prepares students for the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ Certification examinations. These exams measure the knowledge and skills expected of entry-level technicians. The CompTIA certifications are recognized throughout the country as the industry standard.

This program articulates for the AAS degree at Community College of Aurora.

Almost two billion personal records were compromised in the first half of 2017. The demand for professionals that know how to protect computers and networks from the many threats from criminals and hostile foreign powers has never been higher. Salaries are rising accordingly.

The Cyber Technician program prepares students to be trustworthy stewards of corporate and private networks. Students learn an in-depth understanding of computers, the internet, the “cloud” and methods to secure data and networks. One does not simply take a security class and suddenly have the ability to secure networks. Knowledge of PC maintenance and repair, Windows, Linux, switches, routers, cabling, network addressing, firewalls, remote access, virtualization, troubleshooting, and management are absolutely necessary before one can credibly approach the security realm. Graduates of this program will have all that and more.




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