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Diesel Technology Program in Aurora, CO

Pickens Technical College offers a Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Training Program composed of six individual classes specifically designed to prepare and educate students for entry-level employment as an M/H Diesel Truck Technician. The student will be trained with current M/H duty diesel trucks, will use the latest tools and equipment and will utilize current computer and online technology to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level employment in the diesel trucking industry.



Instructor Randy Kubick

Randy Kubick is the Diesel Instructor who educates students with the latest diesel technology theory, principles, and practices to become proficient entry-level diesel technician.

Mr. Kubick has taught at Pickens for 17 years. He came to Pickens directly from the diesel industry with over 20 plus years of experience as an ASE Certified Diesel Technician. Before teaching at Pickens, Mr. Kubick served as an advisor and supporter of Picken’s diesel program dating back to the mid-80s.

Through class lecture and hands-on training, Mr. Kubick rigorously educates his students with the latest techniques and skills necessary to enter the diesel technology service industry.


YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 36 years in the diesel industry and more than 20 years working as an ASE Certified Diesel Technician.

Mr. Kubrick has experience in the following:
Light, medium & heavy duty vehicle repair and service
GM, Ford, Dodge, International, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz
Highway, off-road & excavating
Automotive and Diesel engine machining and overhaul
Heavy Duty Brakes
Diesel Engines
Electronics & Computers
Preventive Maintenance
Steering & Suspension

PTC Since 2002 – Diesel Power Mechanics.
Mr. Kubrick works hard to provide Pickens students with hands on real world training

ASE Certified Diesel Technician


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