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Programs >> Skilled Trades >> Facility Maintenance Technician

Facilities Maintenance Technician Program in Aurora, CO

The Facilities Maintenance Technician program prepares students with skills to perform simple inspections, engage in preventive maintenance (including basic repairs,) on both residential and commercial properties.

Successful graduates will possess knowledge and skills in the basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, major appliances, HVAC and other mechanical systems.

Instruction will also include interior and exterior property maintenance on floors, walls, painting, window treatments, ceiling/exhaust fans, and lighting fixtures.

The following certificate may be earned:

Facilities Maintenance Certificate



Instructor: Mike Roloff

Michael C. Roloff is the Facilities Maintenance Technician teacher who works with students to train them as Facilities Maintenance Professionals. Mr. Roloff feels that Pickens Technical College is a great opportunity for both educators and students to specialize in an area of their interests and expertise. The educational setting is nontraditional with relevant, hands-on training that’s also fun. Classrooms at Pickens reflect the industries that students are preparing to work in.

Years Teaching: 2015

Teaching Background: Mr. Roloff has been teaching full time for five years. He says “When you love what you are doing it is no longer a job, it becomes a passion.” and that “Seeing my students have those “Ah-ha” moments is the most rewarding part of being a teacher.”

Years in Industry: Since 2008

Industry Background: Mr. Roloff came to Pickens after ten years of working in industry where he held both maintenance technician and supervisory positions for several property management companies in multi-family complexes.

Certifications and Degrees: 

  • CPO
  • EPA Type I & II
  • 410a Universal
  • Michael has also received awards for customer service and operational excellence

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