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Marketing Program

The first semester of this program provides students with an introduction to marketing and hospitality. Units of study during this course include: analysis of theoretical marketing processes and the strategies of product development, pricing, promotion and distribution, and their applications to businesses and the individual consumer. In addition, students will be introduced to marketing aspects of the Hospitality Industry including: hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism, conventions and meetings, clubs and other food service entities. Students will explore career opportunities in all those areas.

The second semester, students will focus on customer service and event marketing. Topics include the marketing relationship of self to customers, problem-solving and understanding the importance of communicating with customers. Specific emphasis is given to managing customer expectations by building customer rapport and creating positive outcomes. Event marketing topics include defining the importance and role of marketing, media and public relations in the event planning industry. Students will also identify and implement marketing and communication tools such as social media, promotional events, networking and blogs.

As a capstone, students will participate and complete a marketing cooperative learning experience at an approved site.



Courtney B. Tanguma, Marketing Instructor / DECA Advisor

Years Teaching: Since 2009

Teaching Background:
Ms. Tanguma received the Colorado New Marketing Teacher of the year award in 2013.

Years in Industry: Since 1993

Industry Background:
Ms. Tanguma has owned a couple of businesses. She worked as an event planner for one of her companies; “HeartStrings”. Ms. Tanguma started a catering company at the age of 15; “Catering Services”. She has also worked as a computer programmer and web developer in the telecommunications industry.

Industry Certifications and Degrees:

  • University of Northern Colorado, Greeley CO – Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems
  • University of Phoenix, Lonetree CO – Masters Degree in Secondary Education, Business and Marketing
  • Regis University, Denver CO – Linguistically Diverse Learners Certificate

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