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Graphic Design Program in Aurora, CO

The Multimedia Graphic Design program prepares students for a variety of print and digital related career paths that include graphic design, web design, illustration, layout and print design.

First semester students will focus on design principles, the study of typography and color theory practices as well as learn how to use two software components for photo manipulation and digital art creation.

Second semester students will learn to operate a variety of cutting edge software programs used by designers in conjunction with design related projects based around logo design web design, animation and illustration. Students will learn to operate all software on both Mac and Windows based platforms.

Second year students develop and refine their design and software skills through a variety of projects that include poster design, annual reports, ad layouts, ad campaigns, web design, skills needed to be a freelance designer and becoming a freelance designer and assembling a professional portfolio for employability.

Prerequisite Skills

Keyboarding skills, basic computer operating and file management skills

The ability to use a T-square, ruler and French curves for hand-rendered compositions

Basic hand drawing and illustration skills



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