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Professional Photography Program in Aurora, CO

The Professional Photography program at Pickens Technical College is a comprehensive, two semester program designed to prepare students for entry into the photography career field. These courses will take you from the basics of Exposure Theory, 35mm SLRs, and B&W Photography through Studio Lighting, Digital Imaging, and a Professional Portfolio. Upon successful graduation, you will be prepared to freelance, serve as a photographer’s assistant or continue on with your photography education by transferring to one of Colorado’s community colleges.

The Professional Photography Certificate is earned upon completion of the entire program. All courses are transferable to any community college in the state offering the program(s).

Professional Photography Certificate



Instructor Erik Schubert

Years Teaching: Since 2010

Teaching Background: Prior to taking over the helm at Pickens Technical College, Erik has taught photography at MassArt, Greenfield Community College, UCCS and CU Denver.

Years in Industry: 16 years

Industry Background: Erik’s a published & exhibited fine art photographer, freelance retail/editorial photographer, and commercial photography assistant. In addition, he’s worked in camera stores, photography labs, was the Senior Curation Manager for Visual Supply Company and tutors/consult’s individual clients.

Industry Certifications and Degrees:

  • MFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • BFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago

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