The Welding vocational training program at Pickens Technical College in Aurora, Colorado includes both classroom instruction as well as hands-on training in the latest Welding techniques.

The Welding technical training program includes classes in:

  • blueprint reading for welders and fitters
  • oxyfuel and plasma cutting
  • oxyacetylene welding
  • maintenance welding
  • structural welding
  • shielded metal arc welding
  • gas metal arc welding
  • flux cored arc welding
  • gas tungsten arc welding
  • pipe welding

Modern Welding tools and equipment will be used throughout the vocation training program to provide up-to-date training. The American Welding Society Plate Certification test is administered to determine Welding competence.

Career and job opportunities in Welding Technology include:

  • Pipe Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Structural Welders
  • Metal Welders

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Instructor Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver is a welding instructor Certified in various welding proceeses and positions through the American Welding Society. Spent 2years as a cetified welding inspector and educator under (AWS) American Welding Society. 2014 AWS section educator of the year.

Jeff has taught at Pickens for14years. He came to Pickens from Bollman Tech as a Certified welding educator who taught welding there for 5 years.

Jeff has worked in the Welding industry for 12 year as a welder fabricator at Stewart and Stevenson power and Colorado Mechanical Welding During that time I completed projects from fabricating snow removal equipment capable of removing 3000 tons of snow per hour to welding 10 inch gas pipe.

Jeff is a active member of the American Welding Society district 20.

Jeff believes that Pickens Technical College is a great opportunity for students to specialize in an area of their interests and expertise. The educational setting is nontraditional and the shop is set up to give our program real industry experience in the area of welding and fabricating according to a nationally reconized curriculum from the American Welding Society.



4 yr USN – 2 welding
10 yr Stewart and Stevenson Power Welding and Fabrication

7 Pickens Tech

American Welding Society certified welding educator (CWE) and certified welding inspector (CWI)

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