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Completing the Executive Internship program at Pickens Technical College’s High School pathway is the first step in getting your dream job right out of college. Many companies and high school students alike are realizing that with half an opportunity, interns can quickly turn into a valuable part of any organization. Getting experience in a real work environment before you even graduate high school is a huge advantage you can press into a long and rewarding career.

This isn’t always true in every industry these days, but increasingly, companies are looking for people who can perform at a high level for them and work with others well to help achieve their goals. These companies don’t care as much as they used to about education levels-four-year degrees, etc. They want to know if you have the skills to complete the work they need you to do.

If you can prove yourself skilled and valuable, you’ll have a place at most companies looking for workers. Toss in a little experience as an intern and some basic communication skills, and you’re hired.

They may be called ‘soft’ skills, but they’re still extremely important in getting hired and staying in a favorable job. In fact, about 57% of company leaders value soft skills in the hiring process than hard skills like data science and software testing. Here are a few work communications skills that are becoming more important than ever in 2019:


This is a difficult skill to measure because being creative goes so far beyond the cubicle. It can be difficult to measure someone’s creativity based on what they contribute to work every day. Creativity as a communication and job skill should be considered the ability to create solutions to problems as they arise. An example of using creativity as a communication skill is rebuilding company communications in a way that employees can understand and respond to.

Motivational Abilities

The ability to lead and motivate others will never go out of style in any office. Most organizations are looking for the next wave of company leaders they can rely on for the future. When hiring managers see that you have demonstrated an ability to get the most out of others in a team or leadership setting, they will fight each other to hire you.

Locally, in the Denver area with jobs plentiful, motivational skills will be a breath of fresh air to hiring managers struggling to fill their job positions.

Conflict Resolution

This is another communication skill that will never go out of style and is highly sought-after in Denver’s swamped job market. The ability to sort through the emotions and get to the root cause of workplace conflict is something all managers covet, no matter what industry your previous experience comes in.

The Bottom Line

These skills will get you in the door and keep you in the building at most companies hiring former Pickens Executive Interns today.