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At the Pickens Technical College’s Cyber Technician program, students learn how to safeguard data and generally be proper custodians of corporate and private networks. Not only do students get the latest instruction on how cybersecurity works these days, but they also get a firm grounding in troubleshooting, working with multiple operating systems, setting up networks, and all the additional skills that will be expected of them aside from keeping databases secure.

Experience in this realm is important because there has never been a greater demand for better cybersecurity than right now. In 2017, millions of individuals in the United States alone suffered from hacks of their personal information. The Experian hack was only one of the many attacks that shook the cybersecurity community to its core. What has arisen out of this crisis is a job market extremely favorable to new and up-and-coming cybersecurity experts.

The job market for cybersecurity technicians and analysts in Denver is booming. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for Cyber Security Engineers in Denver is $121,588 a year. Cybersecurity experts need to pass a battery of certifications and often have to prove their skills to employers before reaching that high of a salary, but the doors are open to skilled security experts who are willing to work hard.

An Almost Desperate Need for Cyber Security Technicians

According to a recent Forbes article, cybersecurity as an industry is under immense pressure. Attacks on personal data are rising every year, new regulations on data protection and security are being passed, and, to top it all off, recruiters and labor experts are predicting a 1.8 million workforce shortfall by 2022.

From the perspective of a business owner who is trying to protect their data, this is a huge problem. To a rising cybersecurity professional like you, these pressures are a goldmine. The demand simply for people who can protect networks and personal data has never been higher.

Disruptive Technology

Another reason the demand for cybersecurity technicians is rising is because of the influx of new technology into industries across the board. More software and Internet companies are using blockchain technology and decentralized concepts to help secure their data and make their functionality better. Artificial intelligence is another rising power in computer science in general and in cybersecurity. While these rapidly-advancing technologies can help improve cybersecurity, it will take an army of engineers and technicians to implement these new concepts in organizations. Not only is it a good time to make money as a cybersecurity expert, but it’s also a fascinating time in the world of cybersecurity and computer science overall.

Pay attention in class, and you could end up at the forefront of an exciting, disruptive change in how companies do business. With the need for better protection and cybersecurity ramping up with no end in sight, your skills as a cybersecurity technician will be extremely useful. If you keep your head up and watch for new technologies coming into vogue, you can be on the front lines of a new digital revolution.