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If you’re interested in Pickens Technical College or if you already attend classes there, chances are you’re looking into a career in a ‘middle-skill’ profession. Middle-skill jobs are those that require education beyond a high school diploma but don’t require a four-year university degree. Their education requirements are ‘in the middle’ between Bachelor’s degrees and high school degrees. These jobs usually require specialized training and experience for entry, which is exactly what PTC provides students.

Why Going to PTC Can Be More Beneficial Than Attending a Four-Year University

One word: tuition. Four-year universities, even for in-state students that qualify for lower rates, are incredibly expensive, and it’s getting worse. On top of tuition, incoming Freshmen at these universities usually have to pay for housing, books, food, and other expenses that inevitably come up. Universities have their place for many students looking into certain careers, but they don’t have to be the only option for everyone.

It’s difficult to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at 18 years old, but if you know you want to start working in a certain field that requires hands-on training and education in a one- or two-year program, you can enroll at a technical school like PTC and pay far less for the same end-result as a university education: a rewarding and lucrative career.

Four-year universities are great if you’re unsure of what you want to do and you don’t mind paying off student loans after you graduate. The first one or two years at a four-year college are spent completing prerequisites and introduction classes, many of which are outside your desired field of study. You might be exposed to many different subjects that interest you, but you won’t get to what will actually prepare you for a career until you’re an upperclassman. At PTC, you’ll get right into the learning you’ll actually need in your chosen career from day one.

Rising Demand for Middle Skill Jobs

In all states, particularly those with robust job markets and economies like Colorado, companies are having trouble filling positions that require specialized skills from a technical school like PTC. According to a study by the National Skills Coalition, half of all jobs in Colorado in 2015 were middle-skill positions. The same study projected that between 2015 and 2025, 45% of all job openings in Colorado will be middle-skill positions.

Students have been scared off by career colleges like PTC because of the stigma surrounding those who don’t attend four-year universities. But with more four-year diplomas out there than ever, employers are looking beyond education lines on a resume and instead of looking for skilled workers with specific experience.

PTC offers uncommon student support in finding jobs after graduation, student organizations that help build skills and connections, and programs all geared towards teaching students by doing, along with rigorous classroom instruction. The teachers have connections with employers in the field looking for talented workers immediately, and they all know what it takes to succeed in their field.