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Pickens Technical College puts students in great careers post-graduation in part because of the excellent instructors who help students get the hands-on training they need to succeed. All the real-world experience in the world can’t cover up poor teacher performance, and that’s why PTC employs passionate, hard-working experts to teach students in their area of expertise.

The Esthetician department at PTC has long been known for its successful graduates and its contribution to the community through its salon, where anyone can come by and get pampered while students learn their craft.

PTC brought in new teacher Yong Kim to facilitate the development of new estheticians. She brings years of experience honing her craft and is eager to help students succeed.

I asked her a few questions about why she chose Pickens and what she’s looking forward to this year.

What made you first want to be an Esthetician?

“[I’ve been a licensed] cosmetologist for 10-plus years and have been interested in skincare for several years now. So I [decided] to go to an advanced [course] in the aesthetic industry. After I finished the courses, I began my practice and I want to teach and share my knowledge [with] students! That’s the reason I’m here.”

Why did you choose to teach at Pickens?

“I [graduated] from Pickens and wanted to return and share my knowledge and appreciation for what Pickens did for me and be an example to the students as well as co-workers.”

Aside from the curriculum, what do you hope to teach students this year in your Esthesiology class?

“I hope students learn both basic foundation of aesthetics in theory as well as hands-on practical Technic [sic] that leads them to get a state license [and] succeed in their future professional industry.”

The Esthetician program at Pickens gives students specialized training in hair removal, skincare, and day spa facial and body treatments. By the end of the course, students receive advanced training in skincare machinery, facial massage, aromatherapy, professional make-up, nutrition, and overall skin health. Students are tested on their abilities dealing with problematic skin types, product and ingredient analysis, and the salon business, in anticipation of setting up their own shops and dealing with their own customers one day. After their training in Kim’s class, students will be fully prepared to take and pass the Colorado State Agency Licensing Exam.

The goal of the Esthetician program is to prepare students to start their own salons and build relationships with the community. By working with each other, their instructor, and customers at the Pickens Salon, they prepare themselves to take on the responsibility of being the local neighborhood esthetician or to begin a career working at a salon. Kim’s experience and her passion for her work come through in her teaching. She encourages students to be themselves, ask questions, and challenge preconceived notions of what an esthetician can be in the professional world.