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Industries from A-Z have adopted 3D printing technologies because of the efficient manufacturing solutions and cost-cutting benefits. Let’s look at a few of the main advantages of this new tool:


Increased Troubleshooting Abilities

In the traditional way of doing things, concepts can take months for engineers and designers to create and test. With 3D printing, on the other hand, you can build everything from model houses to entire skylines in minutes.

Diversified materials

3D printing allows you to work with a wide variety of materials, including nylon, wood, and brick just to name a few that might surprise you.

Lower costs

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of 3D printing. While the initial cost of purchasing the printer can be high, the payoff is huge. To put it into numbers for you, the average cost of a prototype can go from hundreds or even thousands of dollars to single digits.

Impacted Industries

As stated earlier, 3D printing has applications across a variety of industries. While the automotive industry was one of the first to adopt this technology, there are other markets that have taken cues from automakers like Ford and BMW and transformed the way they do business.


The education sector is a prime market for 3D printing technology. Students can easily print and test designs, learning through trial and error all while enhancing their learning.  


3D printed models of surgical guides, trays, crowns, retainers, and more have revolutionized the way dentists tackle oral health.


3D printing brings blueprints to life. Houses, neighborhoods, even entire cities can become tangible models that combine form, function, and creativity.

If you have more questions about how to break into any of these fields, the Career Services desk is always there for Pickens students. All you have to do is drop by or sign up online to get started on the path to your future career.