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Pickens Technical College’s Diesel Power Mechanics program is geared towards preparing students for entry-level and eventually senior-level employment in this specialized field. Instructor Randy Kubick is busy preparing you to be a successful Medium or Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Technician.

Kubick focuses on diesel technology theory, practices, and principles in order to help you build your skills in a way that makes sense to you and puts you in the best position to be successful. You’re spending many hours working with diesel engines and learning how they work and how you’ll be expected to service and fix them. You’ll likely be able to find gainful employment using your instruction and experience working on diesel engines, but once you want to advance in your position, you should consider getting a higher certification. What certifications are out there for diesel truck mechanics and how can you earn them?

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)

The NATEF approves automotive training programs for the accreditation of diesel mechanics. One of the NATEF’s organizational goals is to enhance auto mechanic education throughout the country. NATEF certifies Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) programs designed to help mechanics and their customers.

Kubick himself is NATEF-certified, and earning this certification not only opens doors for you to rise in your career, eventually even leading to opening your own auto shop or teaching new diesel mechanics.

Getting Certified

NATEF-certified mechanics have been tested on their communication skills, mechanical aptitude, ability to diagnose and reason out problems, ability to follow directions, and manual dexterity. As new technology is changing the diesel auto repair industry, the NATEF certification shifts with it to include new ways of working.

The Skills You Already Have

You’re developing the skills you’ll need to find gainful employment and eventually earn your NATEF certification in class with Kubick. PTC’s emphasis school-wide on computer literacy and the ability to use new technology to supplement your training will take you a long way towards earning your certification and building the right experience.

Being an ASE or NATEF- a certified auto mechanic will allow you to take your career to the next level. You’re already building the skill set you’ll need to advance your career every step you take after Pickens. Maximize your time working with diesel engines, don’t shy away from using the computer and learning how to use new tools and technologies to enhance your work and make you indispensable when you hit the job market.

The job market for skilled diesel mechanics is huge right now all over the country. Many companies simply need entry-level mechanics to help with their vehicle fleet and commercial vehicles. If you can prove you’re adaptable and able to roll with new technologies, you’ll go far in your career. Opportunities will present themselves to you as you progress in your career if you start with the ability to adapt to new ways of organizing work, fixing issues with the engines, and working with customers.