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Change is inevitable in any industry, and I try to document those changes for Pickens Technical College students about to enter a new career. Pickens Mobile App Development program is all about adapting to a changing industry, which is subject to constant disruption from a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons.

In your classes with instructor John Holmes, you’re learning about how old and new concepts are affecting the development of mobile apps. As these ideas and methods evolve, you’ll see slight adjustments to how you’ll be expected to perform in the professional world. The forces of industry change you’ll see below aren’t new ideas. It’s the way they’re being used and adjusted that’s causing changes in how we think about mobile app development and how it’s carried out in business enterprise and independent settings.

DevOps and Full Alignment

Today, more than ever, the concept of DevOps has made mobile app development one of the most important industries in the world. Because of this alignment of business goals with technical goals, and the emphasis of effective collaboration between project managers, operations staff, and developers has created a marketplace with demand for high-quality apps in business and personal settings.

For developers, it means that their work is more focused on delivering on promises their employers make to their customers. The result is better apps with increased security, improved code quality, faster fixes, etc.

The concept of DevOps has become an integral part of the development of any app by a business enterprise. The demand for quality apps will only increase in the future, and if any business wants to create a mobile app for their customers, they’ll have to subscribe to this notion. With demand for quality apps fast increasing, developers like you will need to align with those outside your department to meet financial goals, which have become all the more important as competition for mobile app users increases.


Of course, you know the concept of delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in this swirling world of app development. The idea isn’t complicated, and it makes sense in our mobile-crazed world these days. The pressure to deliver a working code that satisfies customers is intense and will only intensify in the coming years.

This drive to deliver a working app as quickly as possible means you’ll be involved more and more in the business end of app development. There’s no way around this anymore, so the better acquainted you are with the enterprise goals behind your work, the more successful you’ll be.

An Exciting Time

As you know, experience folding DevOps and MVP concepts into your work is essential for your career as a mobile app developer. This ever-expanding industry taking over the world will only demand faster development, and your ability to work with these concepts in your career will largely determine your success. The more emphasis you can put on communication and teamwork now, the easier your time will be.