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In the Pickens Technical College Advanced Manufacturing Pathway, students learn the skills needed to enter one of the country’s fastest-growing industry sectors. Manufacturing specialists are in high demand because of the many manufacturing companies hiring workers right here in Colorado. 

PTC’s Advanced Manufacturing program prepares you for an entry-level position as a machinist or a manufacturing specialist, making you able to work in advanced machine shops throughout the state and the country. As is the case with all of PTC’s programs, the goal is to teach students how to use cutting-edge technology and concepts to fit in at any leading company in their chosen field. If you’re interested in joining Pickens’ Advanced Manufacturing program, you’ll learn how to set up and operate Computer Numerical Controlled machines, as well as 3D printing, laser engraving, and more. 

One shining example of an advanced manufacturing company in Colorado emerging onto the national stage is Blue Canyon Technologies, which was recently selected to support the development of an unprecedented spacecraft platform exhibition. 

Made in Space, Inc.’s Archinaut One Mission

Made in Space, Inc. is an advanced manufacturing company that was awarded a huge contract to develop a mission that would test the assembly of spacecraft in orbit, allowing for greater manufacturing capacity and faster development of satellites and other spacecraft. The mission, called Archinaut One, is scheduled to launch in 2021. The mission will try to demonstrate how robotic manufacturing and assembly in orbit can give birth to entirely new structures and assembly methods that would be impossible on Earth. 

The flight demonstration mission’s objective is to construct two ten-meter solar arrays to be used to power an ESPA-class satellite. Experts expect the solar arrays will deliver five times the power of the arrays currently used to power these satellites. 

BCT, Leading Space Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing things to work in space adds about a thousand variables to constructing normal objects. BCT has long been a leader in this burgeoning field of space manufacturing, a rising industry as NASA continues its drive to invest more in spacecraft for the foreseeable future. Many experts are calling this field part of the larger New Space economy, which BCT has already been a part of for years. 

BCT is currently constructing over 60 spacecraft for government, commercial, and academic missions. The company is booming right now, doubling in size over the past year. It plans on opening a new 80,000 square foot production facility and headquarters this year.

BCT is emblematic of the rapidly expanding advanced manufacturing sector in Colorado. While the New Space economy is quickly becoming a huge growth industry, there are many other machine shops and manufacturing companies growing and opening in the state, waiting for skilled manufacturing workers to join their crews and grow with them. 

Get started on a lucrative and exciting career at the forefront of the manufacturing industry in Colorado by joining Pickens’ Advanced Manufacturing program and getting the skills and real-world experience you’ll need.