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It’s a great time to consider Pickens Technical College’s Electronics Technician program because there are many opportunities for people with the skillset you’ll develop if you graduate from the Electronics Technician program. You’ll learn how to repair complex electrical equipment along with basic analog and digital electronics. The most common job pathways that graduates of this program enter are maintenance technician, electrical equipment technician, or electronic test technician. All these options are ripe with opportunities to make an excellent living as an electrical technician.

But you shouldn’t ignore the other career possibilities that need skilled electrical workers, not only in Colorado but across the country. Let’s examine a few examples of careers that pay well and that you might not have considered. 

Communication Equipment Repairers and Installers

The entertainment and news industries aren’t going away anytime soon, and countless companies constantly need skilled electrical technicians to install, troubleshoot, and repair complex communication and media broadcasting equipment. The skills and experience you’ll get at Pickens will give you a leg up on many other applicants for these jobs because, while you don’t need a degree to enter this field, job candidates with electrical repair experience are more sought-after. 

The median annual wage for these workers in the US is a whopping $79,580 a year, and the job market is forecasted to increase by six percent over the next six years. 

Elevator Repairers and Installers

Elevator repairers and installers work with elevators, escalators, chairlifts, lifts for disabled people, moving walkways, and more. Their services will be in demand as long we use these people moving machines, and they need to be repaired and maintained to be effective. Have you ever tried to get to your apartment when the elevator was out? The reason why repairs often take so long is that there is a shortage of skilled workers in this area. These positions pay exceptionally well, with the median annual salary at $79,780. With a job growth projection of 12% by 2026, the time to get in on this industry using your skills as an electronics technician is right now.

Powerhouse Electricians

 This job isn’t for anyone afraid of heights (me). But for those who don’t mind climbing electrical poles and repairing transformers, a powerhouse electrician can be a great gig. Powerhouse electricians, also known as relay technicians or power transformer repairers, are crucial to maintaining the power grid we all rely on by working on equipment at power generating stations, substations, and in-service relays. 

Graduates of a technical school like Pickens again have an advantage for these jobs, and many powerhouse electricians work as general electricians to gain experience. Once you break into this field, however, the returns can be quite cushy. The median annual salary for these workers is $80,200, with a job growth rate of four percent by 2026.

A Bright Future

The starting point for all these lucrative jobs is Pickens’ Electronic Technician pathway, where you’ll learn how to use emerging technology to repair and maintain crucial electrical systems and devices.