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Pickens Technical College’s Executive Internship pathway for high school students is a unique opportunity that provides valuable experience and more to students trying to break into their dream careers.

The program features eight to ten hours a week working onsite for a company partnered with Pickens to provide these internship opportunities. Students can participate in the company’s workings, from attending meetings and completing assignments to developing special projects the sponsor requests. Students will also attend class seminars focusing on career development, communication skills, problem-solving, and more while also reflecting on their experiences on the job. 

The advantage of a program like this is immense for a student’s long-term career prospects. College internships are very highly sought-after because employers love to see real-world experience on the resume of a recent college graduate but gaining this experience in high school might offer even more of an advantage when it comes time to start your career.

A Unique Opportunity

There simply aren’t as many high school interns as there are college interns, yet the value of internships at the high school level is huge. In one study, 61% of college graduates who were offered a job directly after commencement had internship experience in their field. Imagine how elated employers would be to find high school internship experience on your resume. 

Times are changing, too. Employers are seeing more high school internships on resumes these days, making it all the more important for you to get the experience you need to break into your desired field. Employers are expecting new workers to start focusing on their careers in high school and starting with experience as an intern is a great way to prove that. 

Even though labor laws and required training rules might block you from immediately jumping from high school to the pros, the experience you gain working for a company in your field will still be valuable to employers when the time comes. The value of experience, networking, and mentoring that often come from being an intern won’t go away when you’re ready to apply for your dream job. 

Life Skills

The value of being an intern isn’t limited to job experience. By learning directly from people already working in your field, you’ll see firsthand how people navigate the industry, how to get on an inside track to advancement, and how to do things like preparing a resume and cover letter. 

Pickens’ seminars during the Executive Internship program give you the life skills you need to succeed in any industry. You’ll learn how to present yourself as a professional and make in-roads into an industry with specific experience. The value of finding a mentor and making connections with people in the industry can’t be understated, either. Most people get their best jobs by knowing someone on the inside who already knows they can do a great job in the role. Contact us today to Get started on your dream career journey at the Pickens Executive Internship program.