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Pickens’ Practical Nursing program boasted a 93.33% pass rate in 2017 and offers students the tools they need to begin a promising career in a growing field. Practical nurses are being relied upon for many medical duties in healthcare facilities around the world, and they’re quickly becoming the lifeblood of the booming healthcare industry. Pickens’ Practical Nursing course is also a great way to get started on the career path of a full-fledged nurse as well. 

Colorado has many opportunities for practical nurses in a variety of settings, from hospitals to elderly care facilities. But there are opportunities for recently graduated practical nursing students looking to branch out across the country and even overseas, too. 

One unusual career path you could take as a practical nurse is to join the military. There is a need for non-combat medical professionals, and opportunities to work in many far-flung places. 

Opportunities With the Army

The US Army presents a unique opportunity for people who want to learn fast, travel the world, and be set up with rich career advancement opportunities even after leaving the service. The US government as a whole is a huge employer, and by applying to positions in the military, you’ll be setting yourself up to work on Army bases around the world. 

There are more hoops to jump through to work as a civilian for the Army, but it offers excellent pay and benefits. Candidates are often considered based on education and licensure. This means that, after you graduate from Pickens, you’ll be qualified to apply for these positions. Pickens’ Practical Nursing program prepares you for the licensure exam and most students in the course pass the exam. This will qualify you for most practical nursing positions in the Army.

Here’s an example of a job posting for a position at a base in Landstuhl, Germany. There are opportunities like this in almost all regions of the world. It’s a great way to experience another culture and gain valuable experience.

The Military Effect

Spending a few years working on an Army base will open up many more opportunities for you even if you decide to leave the military. Aside from the excellent benefits, your letters of recommendation after your time on a base will carry more weight for the rest of your career. A line showing your military experience will put your resume near the top of the list if you start looking into civilian jobs. And, because the military is well-funded and usually well-organized, you’ll be able to build off of excellent training and take a new sense of discipline with you to any experience after that. 

The military might not be your first choice in your job search after you graduate from Pickens, but it can offer a unique experience and give you a chance to build a solid foundation of work and experience right out of school. It’s something to think about when you’re planning your next career move as a practical nurse.