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We proudly announce that the Colorado Apprenticeship Awards has recognized PTC with its annual Apprenticeship Program Award. Our A2T program is an exciting step forward in our efforts to encourage accessibility to programs that lead to jobs, and we are absolutely thrilled to receive this honor!

What is A2T?

This year, Pickens transitioned our ECE program to A2T, or Apprenticeship 2 Teaching, in order to appeal to students who might want to work with older kids after completing their certifications.

The impact of A2T and our partnership with APS has been incredible. Together, we have created a student-to-teacher pipeline, allowing students to get hired on as paraprofessionals in local elementary schools and offering them a chance to get hands-on job training in a real-world setting.

“The apprenticeship career training model has been underutilized for years but Colorado is changing that,” said Gary Arnold, Business Manager and chair of the State Apprenticeship Council. “I don’t think you can find a better place to live than Colorado, by utilizing the apprenticeship training model we can make sure that all Coloradans can experience not only the beauty of our state but the economic benefits of accessible career pathways.”

Regarding this year’s awards, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment writes, “The winners include apprentices, mentors, programs, employers, champions and partnerships who have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to increasing apprenticeships and expanding access to apprenticeship programs.”

We couldn’t be more proud!

Click here for more information on Apprenticeship Colorado and the Apprenticeship Awards.