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Advanced Manufacturing is the industry of the future. A certificate or degree can lead to a lucrative career full of options for growth. The question is, how can human workers stay relevant in this tech-focused field? What skills do they need to stay ahead of their robotic competitors? 

Our program in Advanced Manufacturing is designed to teach you the basics of manufacturing, shop safety, blueprint reading, laser engraving, and much, much more. These topics will be covered using both a traditional classroom setting and more hands-on, skills-based training. 

Of course, within the larger industry umbrella, there are specific niches and individual job roles that will require their own set of specialized skills – this is true of any kind of work. But today, we’ll discuss some more general skills that anyone interested in breaking into this industry should have in their back pocket. 

Below, we’ve outlined two of the most important real-world skills students walk away from our program here at PTC with: 

Critical Thinking

The Advanced Manufacturing industry needs workers who can see potential problems before they arise, analyze situations and find the best, most effective solution. Why? This saves employers and employees time and money. 

This skill is actually so valuable that a 2016 survey of both managers and college graduates about to enter the workforce showed that 60% of respondents felt that critical thinking was the most important skill that a job applicant could bring to a company – not to mention, that most people surveyed felt that the average employee was seriously lacking in this department. 

A career in manufacturing requires this skill even more than most due to the constant change the industry has been experiencing in recent years. When the technology and processes you deal with every day might change every year, it’s especially important to be a quick learner and critical thinker. 


Problems can only be solved when people work together as a team – especially in a professional setting. In order to be an effective part of a team, you need to have strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Much like critical thinking, clear and effective communication is something that seems elementary but is often an afterthought in training. 

Students who complete PTC’s Advanced Manufacturing course will not only develop these skills and more but master them. 

With such a wide array of jobs and careers available to students after completing our program, there’s never been a better time to join this industry. In fact, in the Biden infrastructure package, $300 billion was allocated towards the advanced manufacturing sector, including worker training and process development that seeks to retool and revitalize American manufacturers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your path to entering the workforce of the future today. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Advanced Manufacturing program and its applications, call a Career Advisor at 303-344-4910