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If you’re enrolled in Pickens Technical College, you’re essentially already using the PTC Career Services office because all classes at PTC are specifically geared toward helping you find a job after you graduate. And the title of this post is a little misleading. You don’t use PTC Career Services, you visit them online or in-person to get your career on track after you complete your education. It’s like visiting a doctor or a dentist. You’re not using them to stay healthy and keep your mouth clean, you’re visiting them so you don’t have a heart attack or get a cavity.

PTC has a unique system for setting students up with jobs when they’ve finished school. They partner with College Central Network, a professional network geared to help college students find jobs after graduation. This network allows you to find employers looking for candidates with a specific set of skills. PTC uses College Central (not “visits”) to communicate with both employers and would-be employees. Head to the PTC Career Services page on PTC’s website to check out the College Central portal. It has options for current students, alumni, and employers to match qualified workers with jobs they’ll love at trusted employers. Go. Look at it now. I’ll wait.

Not using this resource while you’re studying how to be an IT worker or an auto mechanic is like going to class without a notebook. You’re only cutting yourself off from information that can and will help you in the future. You’re not taking advantage of the resources PTC has to offer. And you wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of all those people at PTC’s Career Services who worked hard to afford you these opportunities, would you? Don’t turn your nose up at the delicious homemade cookies (figuratively) offered by the PTC Career Services desk.

The Career Services online portal and offices both offer many opportunities for students to find employment in the area due to PTC’s excellent relationships with organizations looking for trained, prepared, young workers. Yeah, duh, you get it. But Career Services also helps students looking for work elsewhere in the United States. PTC’s relationships with employers don’t end at the state border. While there are plenty of career opportunities in Colorado, especially in the Denver area, don’t feel like you’re boxed into the state with PTC’s connections. The friendly folks at Career Services can help you find your dream job anywhere in the country.

If you’re reading this, you’re either enrolled in PTC, you’re thinking about it, or you used to be enrolled at PTC (I’m super insightful!). That means that you are, were, or will be looking for a good or better career in one of the many programs that PTC offers. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by never visiting the Career Services desk on campus or using its College Central network to find a good job in the industry that you chose to go back to school for. What are you waiting for?