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Pickens Technical College is all about providing opportunities to students so they can enter the workforce with the skills, connections, and confidence they need to be successful in the long term. The PTC Brand Ambassador program recruits students to represent the PTC brand on social media and teaches students how to represent themselves. Denver marketing company Encite International is working with PTC to help teach students the importance of positive brand representation online and how to use that knowledge to protect their own personal brands so they can make a good impression online.

Staffed by volunteers from Encite to teach students the finer points of brand representation, including Encite President Adam O’Leary, the Brand Ambassador program is a useful way to help yourself get a job when you graduate from Pickens. You’ve heard by now from your instructors a thousand times that you should always have an eye on your career future so you’re ready for the next step. Graduation Day comes sooner than you think, and the more preparation you can do now to get yourself ready to enter the workforce, the higher on the employment ladder you’ll start when your days at Pickens are done.

Encite President Adam O’Leary explained some of the principles he teaches in the class: “The #1 concern students should consider when they are interacting on social media is the way they present themselves. Social media is, of course, meant to be social, but the things they post can have long term consequences.” O’Leary also says that with 60% of employers now researching hiring candidates on Facebook “if there are posts riddled with profanities, bullying a peer or engaging in a fight, these do not present the person in a good light.”

O’Leary says that the lessons he teaches to students in the Pickens Brand Ambassador program “aren’t intended to stifle the individual’s voice, but to show them how to still engage, interact, and socialize with their social circle while still being themselves without sharing their challenges or issues that should be reserved for more personal/one-on-one conversations.” It’s all about the students and the way they choose to represent themselves and Pickens Tech. If you sign up for the Brand Ambassador program, you’ll learn how to not be that guy or girl who posts way too many personal status updates on Facebook. You’ll learn how to avoid scaring off friends and potential employers.

You already know how to be yourself online. Sign up for the Brand Ambassador program at Pickens Tech to learn how to be yourself and still get a job after you graduate from Pickens by using your social media accounts smartly and sensibly. O’Leary himself has years of experience defining brands and creating smart, engaging brand identities and stories that attract customers. Attract employers by learning some of the skills that O’Leary knows at the Brand Ambassador program.