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Practical Nursing Program in Aurora, CO

The Practical Nursing program at Pickens Technical College will provide an unsurpassed, equitable, quality education that prepares the learner to become a member of the profession of nursing. Principles and skills of patient care in the following areas include: medical-surgical, maternal-infant, pediatric, and geriatric nursing. Supervised clinical experience courses related to these areas are part of the program curriculum. Upon successful completion of this program the student will receive a certificate and then be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing.






Instructor Shannon Fries

Shannon Fries MS. BSN. RN, CCM is the Director of the Nursing Education Program at Pickens Technical College who works with students to ensure success in the practical nursing program.

Miss Shannon has taught at Pickens for 3 years. She came to Pickens originally as a student in 1988 and received her certificate in practical nursing in 1989.

Miss Shannon has worked as a nurse since 1989 in various areas including long-term care, bedside hospital care, rehabilitation, mental health, insurance case management, and hospital case management. Miss Shannon’s most recent nursing experience was in hospital case management and hospice case management.

Miss Shannon holds a Practical Nursing Certificate from Pickens Technical College, bachelor’s Degree in nursing from University Phoenix, and a Masters Degree in Nursing Leadership from Regis University. She also holds her certification in case management.

Miss Shannon believes that Pickens Technical College is a place where lives are changes and circumstances are improved. She knows this to be true through personal experience.

Instructor Elizabeth Reynolds

Elizabeth Reynolds is a registered nurse who works with students who want to become LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurse)

Miss Elizabeth has taught at Pickens since 2015. She came to Pickens with over 40 years of nursing experience, having worked in hospitals, on mental health units, in primary care, in urban (Philadelphia and rural (Hugo, Co) areas, and as far west as Utah. In addition, as special populations such as pediatrics, the homeless, mentally ill prin=soners, HIV clients, and geriatrics. She continues to work in Long Term Care to keep current on what the LPN student needs to be able to do each day at work.

Miss Elizabeth says “I bring a special level of understanding to teaching the non-traditional students and meeting the needs created by their special circumstances having started nursing gas in an ADN program, raising a family and going back to get my Masters degree as a single parent living far from any family.”

She has also taught nursing students for over 13 years at Concorde, Denver School of Nursing and National American University.

Recently she has presented information on the diversity within the Pickens student body to two national groups of nursing educators.

Miss Elizabeth believes that Pickens Technical College is a phenomenal place to start on the carer path of nursing especially as a multi-language user or a non-traditional student.

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