• Collision Repair Program

    Collision Repair instructor Anthony Larson works hard to give his students the best possible avenue to a lucrative career in the auto body and repair industry. Larson knows what it took to build his business from the ground up, and he’s eager to share his knowledge with all his students who have the same passion as he does for collision repair.

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  • Horticulture as a Career

    The training you’re receiving in Pickens Technical College’s Urban Landscaping and Horticulture program goes far above and beyond caring for a few simple houseplants. You’ll probably get so well-versed in landscaping and maintaining outdoor green spaces that you might think tending to houseplants is a little beneath you. But, in the “real world” outside the classroom, houseplants are all the rage. In some cases, they’re even “breaking the Internet.”

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  • Cosmetology

    The Pickens Technical College Cosmetology department in the Human Services pathway teaches students how to not mess up hair and nails. The program of course also gives students plenty of time to hone their craft, learn from mistakes on mannequins, and get enough hours in the salon to earn their Colorado licenses. Your training in the classroom and in Pickens’ on-campus salon is a direct path to hitting the ground running in the cosmetology field. Several former Pickens students have gone on to start their own salons in the area.

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  • Barber Program & Examples

    The Pickens Technical College Barber Program puts students in charge of real haircuts and stylings as soon as possible. The Pickens barber shop is a popular place where students and community members alike can get high-quality service while allowing the Barber Program students to lean on the job. Experiential learning is of course a high priority for all Pickens courses, and in the Barber Program, learning while doing is crucial to getting the skills and experience needed to be the next successful neighborhood barber.

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  • Early Childhood Education

    The Pickens Technical College High School Pathway allows high school students to get a jumpstart on their higher education goals. One program offered in the High School Pathway is Early Childhood Education, which is designed to prepare students for work immediately as a teacher’s assistant in a childcare center, preschool, or elementary school. Many students use their experience in the classroom as an assistant to pursue their teacher’s certificate and run their own classrooms.

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  • Small Business Management

    In the Pickens Technical College Business, Marketing, and Public Administration pathway and Small Business Management class, you have the opportunity to prove that you’re ready to run a business. The Small Business Management program at Pickens gives you the competencies and skills you’ll need to build your own business or find a fit with one of the many start-ups and small companies booming throughout the Denver metro area and beyond.

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  • Veterinary Assistant Program

    The Veterinary Assistant program at Pickens Technical College in the Landscaping and Environmental Pathway prepares students for a career working with animals, building skills you’ll need to succeed in this growing industry. Everything from animal management, animal care, health and nutrition, and even office management skills is included in the Pickens’ Veterinary Assistant program, and graduates frequently find jobs in veterinary offices large and small.

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  • Cyber Security

    At the Pickens Technical College’s Cyber Technician program, students learn how to safeguard data and generally be proper custodians of corporate and private networks. Not only do students get the latest instruction on how cyber security works these days, they also get a firm grounding in troubleshooting, working with multiple operating systems, setting up networks, and all the additional skills that will be expected of them aside from keeping databases secure.

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  • Why Respiratory Care

    If you’re interested in joining the hordes being hired to well-paying, engaging, and rewarding healthcare jobs, consider a career in respiratory care. Patients with respiratory problems stemming from lung disease and chronic conditions need specialized care from skilled professionals to stay on top of their treatments and get the most out of their physician. Respiratory care professionals are trained to work directly with patients and ensure that their treatments are effective.

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  • The Rise of Construction Technology

    Probably the fastest-growing industry in the Denver area and across the state is the construction industry. The Denver metro area is full of new construction projects erecting new apartment buildings, condos, and more. But throughout the state, construction companies are thriving and looking constantly for workers.

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