• Pickens Tech Teacher Profile: Meet Yong Kim

    Pickens Technical College puts students in great careers post-graduation in part because of the excellent instructors who help students get the hands-on training they need to succeed. All the real-world experience in the world can’t cover up poor teacher performance, and that’s why PTC employs passionate, hard-working experts to teach students in their area of expertise. Continue reading “Pickens Tech Teacher Profile: Meet Yong Kim”

  • Pickens Technical College Case Study: Luis Coria

    Pickens Technical College has countless success stories. Students who have come through the programs and classes here have gone on to successful careers throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. No matter what industry you hope to break into, you can get the best preparation for your time and money right here at PTC.

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  • Graphic Design

    Pickens Technical College offers a wide range of programs for students with all kinds of priorities and backgrounds. One of the more popular classes at PTC is the Graphic Design class with instructor John Lawson. Lawson teaches his students how to complete many different graphic design projects, such as webpages, illustration, layout design, and printed materials.

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  • Life of a Pharmacy Tech

    Pickens Technical College has a wealth of healthcare-related programs all designed to set you up in an exciting and growing field, especially here in Colorado, which is chock full of healthcare centers and people who need competent healthcare professionals. Doctors and nurses are great, but in the end, these individuals are only as good as their staff. Pharmacy technicians aren’t exactly part of a doctor’s ‘staff,’ but they are still prominent figures in the healthcare industry, relied on by millions of people throughout the United States.

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  • Three Usable Study Methods for You

    There’s no right way to study. Everyone retains information differently, and different people swear by different study methods. Part of the scholastic experience is learning about how your brain works and how you can use it most effectively. One advantage you have in your study habits already at Pickens Technical College is the experiential side of learning is taken very seriously. You learn by doing as much as you typically have to recite information from a book, so even if you struggle with study guides and memorization, you can still learn the skills you’ll need by using your hands in most classes at PTC.

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  • What You can Achieve as a Medical Assistant

    The Medical Assistant program at Pickens Technical College is yet another popular class because it offers students entry into the booming healthcare field in Colorado. Instructor Heather Willis prepares students for a career in this industry by training them to be useful contributors in the treatment of patients and their treatment plans. Willis’s class puts students in position to perform both front and back-office functions in our local healthcare system. Many students from this course go on to work for local health facilities.

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