• Why Respiratory Care

    If you’re interested in joining the hordes being hired to well-paying, engaging, and rewarding healthcare jobs, consider a career in respiratory care. Patients with respiratory problems stemming from lung disease and chronic conditions need specialized care from skilled professionals to stay on top of their treatments and get the most out of their physician. Respiratory care professionals are trained to work directly with patients and ensure that their treatments are effective.

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  • The Rise of Construction Technology

    Probably the fastest-growing industry in the Denver area and across the state is the construction industry. The Denver metro area is full of new construction projects erecting new apartment buildings, condos, and more. But throughout the state, construction companies are thriving and looking constantly for workers.

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  • Graphic Design and Photography

    Graphic Design and Photography make up the Pickens Technical College Arts, Media, and Communication Pathway for students. Both of these programs are always filled with eager students who want to use their artistic skills to create a career for themselves.

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  • A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

    The Dental Assistant program at Pickens Technical College tries to prepare students for work in a dentist’s office, performing crucial tasks for patients and dentists so that everyone stays as happy as they could possibly be at the dentist’s office. One emphasis that PTC puts on its Dental Assistant program that separates it from other programs is attending to the needs of diverse populations. Communication, critical thinking, information and technology literacy, quantitative reasoning, and professionalism are all aspects of the Dental Assistant program at PTC. Because PTC exists in a diverse area, its teachers want to make sure all students are able to live and work in the surrounding communities. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant”

  • Tips to Avoid Sickness in Winter

    Fall is here, and for Pickens Technical College students, the leaves turning colors, the crisp air, and the apple cider signals that classes are starting up again. Pickens classes are fast-paced and require hours of hands-on experience to pass and move on to a lucrative career. In order to get the most for your tuition money, you have to show up to class. And you can’t show up to class if you’re sick. With winter approaching and outside temperatures falling, everyone is more susceptible to viral infections like colds and influenza, as well as a host of bacterial infections and a treasure trove of infectious diseases that start to get the upper hand over our immune systems this time of year. How can you avoid flu season this year?

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