PTC Hospitality and Tourism: Colorado’s Tourism and Hospitality Market Strengthened Even More With New App

The Pickens Technical College Tourism and Hospitality Marketing course in the Business, Marketing, and Public Administration Pathway is designed to put students directly in career paths within the booming tourism industry in Colorado. Students learn how to break in and thrive in many aspects of the massive tourism economy in one of the most beautiful states in the Union. Colorado obviously has many advantages to its tourism market, from some of the best skiing in the world to the up-and-coming energy of the Denver metro area itself. PTC prepares students to hit the ground running in this industry and to take advantage of the many opportunities the tourism economy offers.

Since 2005, Denver has seen a 48% increase in tourism, spurring developers to offer a wider variety of tourism and hospitality options to visitors than ever before, opening the door for more hospitality and tourism jobs.

And there’s no sign of the tourism economy slowing down, especially after this year’s Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference, held in Vail. At the conference, outgoing Colorado governor John Hickenlooper unveiled a new mobile app developed by the state to give users guidance on over 39,000 miles of trails and 1,431 trailheads in the state, creating an organized database of hiking and skiing destinations for all Colorado residents.

The Colorado Trail Explorer

The Colorado Trail Explorer, or COTREX, gives Coloradans a new way to answer the age-old question, “where should we hike?” It also provides options for those who are less likely to climb mountains and walk through wild valleys. The app is available for free on the Apple and Google Play app stores, and it makes it even easier for all residents to find and enjoy Colorado’s many trailheads, parks, and open spaces.

What Does it Mean?

COTREX will make finding the best place to enjoy nature and get access to different tourist services both for residents and visitors much easier, driving still more people to the many natural areas that make Colorado great, and thereby boosting the tourism economy even more.

Tourism is big bucks in Colorado. According to the Colorado Tourism Office, Colorado travelers spent $20.9 billion in the state, generating $1.28 in local and state revenue, lessening the tax burden on average Colorado residents by $228 each. Tourism remains the state’s second-largest employer, directly providing 171,000 jobs. With a start at Pickens Tourism course, you’ll be in a great position to take advantage of a booming Colorado tourism industry.

Hickenlooper will soon be replaced, but whoever ends up in the Governor’s Mansion will undoubtedly be committed to keeping Colorado in the conversation as a world-class travel destination and will be focused on building the tourism and hospitality industry here up even more to support more workers, drive more revenue for the state, and encourage more visitors and travel. If you know how to operate in this booming tourism environment, you’ll be in position to build a lucrative and fast-paced career.

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