• Best Motorcycle Innovations of 2019

    Unlike its four-wheeled counterparts, motorcycles often struggle to make a serious impression in innovation from year to year, but that doesn’t mean motorcycle technicians and designers aren’t working hard to make the two-wheeled driving experience more fun, safer, and more efficient every year.

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  • Esthetician program

    Within Pickens Technical College’s Human Services pathway is the Esthetician program, which centers on preparing students for a career in the beauty business. While you’re learning about skin care, hair removal, spa facials, and advanced services like professional makeup, facial massage, and aromatherapy, you’re building your experience so you can break into this rewarding and fulfilling field. PTC’s Esthetician Program is all about the Esthetician Certificate, which allows you to prove that you’re able to help people by providing beauty and skin care services, and puts you on the path towards a great career.

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  • Veterinary Assistant Pathway

    If you’re participating in Pickens Technical College’s Veterinary Assistant program, it’s probably because you love animals and you want to help them professionally. Working as a veterinary assistant is a great way to find a job working with animals much faster while spending much less money than by going right to veterinary school. You can gain experience and build relationships in the veterinary community before you make the leap to full-fledged veterinarian if you choose. If you stay a veterinary assistant for the long haul, you’ve still chosen a rewarding, useful, and lucrative career working with animals.

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  • Communications Skills

    Completing the Executive Internship program at Pickens Technical College’s High School pathway is the first step in getting your dream job right out of college. Many companies and high school students alike are realizing that with half an opportunity, interns can quickly turn into a valuable part of any organization. Getting experience in a real work environment before you even graduate high school is a huge advantage you can press into a long and rewarding career.

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  • Pharmacy Technician

    The Pickens Technical College Health Pathway allows you to enter the booming healthcare industry in the state of Colorado and beyond. People will need increasingly complicated and nuanced care as they age, and the Pharmacy Technician is a great way to ensure that the community gets the medicine they need to get and stay healthy.

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  • Advance Manufacturing

    Nascar champion driver Brad Keselowski is starting his own engineering company, focusing on being an industry leader in advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and CNC technology. Beyond starting a bold new company, Keselowski also envisions his plans ushering in a new wave of manufacturing jobs for the entire sector.

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  • Hospitality and Tourism program

    If you’re in the Pickens Technical College Marketing, Hospitality, and Tourism program, you’re learning the finer points of marketing tourism and hospitality services to interested customers. Once you’ve mastered the basics of providing top-notch hospitality services, you can develop marketing plans, which is the name of the game in the hospitality and tourism industry these days (or any days). Pickens’ course specifically introduces you to marketing strategies geared towards several different types of hospitality features, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, and more.

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  • Landscape Photography

    With 2019 in full swing, what have you learned from your time as a budding photographer in Pickens Technical College’s Photography program in 2018? No matter where you are in your photography career, you can always learn lessons and improve from past mistakes and work you’ve done the year previous. Professional and amateur photographers alike benefit from taking a moment to look back at their artistic and technical progress from the year before to see where they can continue to improve and which areas of their technique they still need to work on.

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