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The Automotive Technology program here at Pickens Technical College is top-notch. Instructors Rolf Werner and Ed Martin have a combined 73 years of experience working in the automotive repair and technology industry. Werner and Martin both started teaching automotive technology courses at PTC 7 years ago. So far, 99% of their students have passed the Student Automotive Service Excellence Test with their help.

The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification test isn’t a required exam for automotive workers by state laws in the United States, but if you want to start your own auto repair garage or sign on to work at one, you’ll need ASE certification to break into the industry. Most employers require all of their workers at auto repair garages to have the ASE certification, and you can bet customers look for the telltale ASE sticker at their local garage to determine if they want to bring their car into the shop. The ASE is a nonprofit organization founded in the early 1970s to help customers find competent auto repair workers. To pass the test and earn your certification as a skilled auto worker, you’ll need two years of experience working in the auto repair industry in addition to passing the test.

So while ASE certification isn’t required to work on cars, if you want to start a career as an auto mechanic, you’ll need to learn how to pass the Student ASE certification exam. Good thing you’re already on the PTC website. PTC’s automotive technology program is focused not only on teaching you the many skills you’ll need to work on cars for a living but it is also focused on helping you find gainful employment after you graduate from PTC. Now, all PTC programs are focused on employment-that’s what PTC does-but in the automotive technology department, finding gainful employment means obtaining ASE certification.

Werner and Martin focus their courses on how to fix cars (obviously), how to find a get a job in a repair shop and prepare for ASE testing and certification. The program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, which accredits education programs around the US that prepare students for ASE certification. It’s the same accreditation that all the fancy private schools have for their automotive technology programs. Werner and Martin also ensure that all of the equipment and tools they provide for their students and train them with are up-to-date in the industry, so you can jump right from the PTC workshop and classroom to a full-time job of your own. You’ll be trained and educated in the necessary skills to start a career in this field and in how to earn your ASE certification.

The PTC Automotive Technology professors know exactly what you need to succeed in the automotive repair field. Their teaching has been proven to work with students trying to get a job in the industry. The 99% pass rate for the Student ASE certification exam is proof that students come away from the Automotive Technology program at PTC with everything they need for gainful employment in the industry.